Does your dog go to doggy daycare? Or are you thinking about daycare as an option? Andrew Thompson has some tips to keep your dog healthy and happy in daycare and has shared them with Pet Problems Solved…

Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy in Daycare

A pet owner’s job is to keep their little pooches fit and healthy which results in their physical well being and your emotional satisfaction. However, there might come a time when you have to leave your dog for a while due to a vacation or for job purposes. This is when you will need to research and find out the professional daycare centers for sending your dog.  A daycare center can definitely ensure the best care possible, but it might take time for your dog to adjust there.

Even if your dog os only spending a short time at the daycare facility, they may still find themselves in a strange place. After all, dogs are emotional creatures who might not like being attended by someone other than their owners and to be surrounded by many other, unknown dogs. To eliminate all these stressful aspects, here are some tips for dog owners to ensure the fitness and health of their dogs while sending them to a daycare center:

Ensure Vaccination

It is the basic responsibility of every pet owner to keep your dog up to date with all the essential vaccines prior to sending them anywhere. The guarantee of proper health and fitness starts right from your home and it is great to have your little pooch undergo all the important vaccination processes one month before enrolling them in a daycare facility. A professional daycare center will give you a list of certain vaccinations that your pet needs to attain, to get enrolled in the facility. Make sure that you get your dog vaccinated against diseases such as “kennel cough”, which is quite general when dogs have to stay in confined spaces.

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Choose a Professional Daycare Facility

The quality and efficacy of the daycare establishment that you find suitable for your dog will determine the overall health, fitness, and happiness of your dog. A professional service provider will offer quality services to ensure that dogs in their facility feel a home away from home. Also, when it comes to choosing the right facility for your dog, take a look at the management and staff. After all, these are people who will be looking after your dog at the facility. Apart from that, see how clean the center is for which you will need to take a tour of the place.

Make the Necessary Preparations

In case you will be staying away from your dog for more than a few days, it will be really to prepare before sending your pet to a daycare center. For this, you will need to let your dog spend a night in the kennel, in order to prepare and desensitise them, especially if they have never used a kennel previously. Letting your dog get used to staying in the kennel will reduce the amount of stress.



With proper planning, not only you will ensure their proper care and health, but you will also feel less stressed and guilty that you cannot be with your dog for a few days. For this, you will need to research well and send him to a facility where health is the primary concern.

About the author:
Andrew Thompson is a proud dog owner who has a special connection with little pooches. He has been sending his dog to Primp Play when he is at work and writes about his experiences when his dog stays away from his. 

Dr Jo and Pet Problems Solved would also like to add that you should check the following and be sure that you are happy with the arrangements:

  • Will your dog be going outdoors or inside the centre only?
  • Do dogs get some quiet time? Where do they sleep?
  • How will the staff deal with a dogfight?
  • Do they use punishment on dogs?
  • Will they feed your dog? Do you supply the food or do they?
  • Can they cope with any special needs your dog may have?
  • Are there any hidden costs?

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