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Disaster strikes! Are you prepared? What about your pets? In the event of a disaster, best be prepared with 3 tips from World Animal Protection… 

Caramel was left behind after her family was forced to evacuate during a disaster.

Three tips to protect your pet ahead of a disaster

As the summer approaches bushfires, floods and tropical cyclones are an increasing reality for many Australians. Australia is particularly prone to disasters, over a 30-year period, Australia suffered 265 disasters! Areas prone to natural disasters are being reminded to prepare a disaster plan – and not to forget the furry and feathered members of the family.

World Animal Protection is encouraging people to be prepared by planning ahead – and they have disaster packs for cats, dogs, horses, birds and small animals available to help.

It’s crucial to have a disaster plan for you, your family and your pet before a disaster strikes.

Simone Clarke, Director at World Animal Protection said “Pets must be part of emergency planning, not just to protect them, but to keep your family safe too.”

Cat behaviour problem
A horse found struggling and alone in flood waters

World Animal Protection’s top three disaster preparation tips

  1. Prepare a disaster survival kit for your pet with food, water, medicine, identification, and a favourite toy for comfort. Put it in an easy to access spot and check it regularly to keep it up-to-date.
  2. Identify a ‘safe house’, somewhere such as a friend’s house, pet-friendly motel, or animal shelter where you can take your pet during a disaster
  3. Practise your plan so your pet is used to moving into their carrier. This will ensure you and your pet can move fast and stay calm in an emergency

With 50 years’ experience intervening in disasters around the world, World Animal Protection has provided much-needed help to nearly eight million animals during more than 250 disasters. Visit to get your free disaster pack and start planning for your pet today.


About World Animal Protection
World Animal Protection is a global animal welfare charity with 50 years’ experience moving the world to protect animals. Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering. Across 15 country offices, we work to help governments, companies and people to protect animals; on farms, in communities, from disasters and in the wild.

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