French Bulldogs are the dogs of the moment. Here are some facts you need to know about these popular pooches, thanks to Our Frenchie…


Things you don’t know about French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are also known as Frenchies. They are small, domestic dogs; very much lovable pets among people today. Bulldogs are really interesting dogs and here are some facts.


Facts about Frenchies

There is no doubt that the bulldogs are the most lovable pets and people love to have them as their pet. They are very cute and friendly too. Some of the facts about them are:

  • Top dog

The Frenchie fans have researched that the French bulldogs are the most famous dog breed in America. The French bulldogs are ranked at the 9th position in 2014. French bulldogs are the top level choice in the dog breed, and people love to make them their pets because of their friendliness.


  • Water danger

Dogs swim well naturally. But, you need to take care of your Frenchie. French bulldogs can drown in the water because of their small size, short legs, skinny and the short respiratory issues. Just make sure that your dog has taken the experience of swimming or your dog can wear a life vest, if you are near the water with him.


  • Cautious flyers

Sadly,  bulldogs have died in airplanes. French Bulldogs have respiratory issues, and they can’t tolerate the changes in the airflow. Consult your vet before traveling with your dog.


  • Great companion

French Bulldogs are very friendly. They are proven to be a great companion because of their friendly nature. They can easily get involved with the other dogs, and they are not big barkers. They don’t need exercise; they can fit into small areas because of their small sizes.

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  • Babysitter too

French Bulldogs, due to their friendly nature, can be great with children. Some can be protective, as well as cute and friendly too.


  • Don’t yell at them

Frenchies are very sensitive, and they can’t handle shout and screams at the home. If you yell at the bulldog, then they may want to pack their bags and leave!. They are not comfortable with negative handling.

  • Talkative breed

French bulldogs may not bark much, but they can talk with their owners! They can talk with their owners with their complex system of yawns, yips and gargles too. The dogs convey their message to their owners in their own way.

Hope that the guide will help you to know about the interesting facts about the Frenchies. Those who want to have the pet can choose the French bulldog and can enjoy their lifestyle.

About the authors:
Tom and Laura are the owners of website ourfrenchie.coma and also owners of a French bulldog. They share their experiences in their blog.

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