We want our homes to be as safe as possible for our pets. Here Toni Riley of the Return Unwanted Medicines Initiative tells us about the hidden hazards in your home to your pets and what to do about them… 

Your medicines

Your medicines could be a massive threat to your pets if they are laying around or even if they are in the medicine cupboard. Animals can jump high to get to things that spark their curiosity, so make sure that your medicines are out of reach and stored away properly. If you do have expired or unwanted medicines at home, return them to your pharmacy where they can dispose of them for you, as throwing away your medicines in the bin or down the drain is damaging to the environment. This can be done through the Return Unwanted Medicines initiative, which is convenient and free. If you have any of your pet’s medicine at home that you don’t need anymore, you can also return it to the pharmacy with yours!

Your plants
Many people are unaware that some plants in your home are poisonous to your pets. Some of these plants can cause serious illness to your pets in quite a quick amount of time, so it’s best to know what these are. One of the most poisonous to cats is lilies, as they contain dangerous toxicity that can act fast on your cat. For a full list of poisonous plants, visit the RSPCA website.


Pets, especially dogs, love to chew things! By leaving around electrical cords or other electronics lying around you are opening the opportunity for them to chew through it and potentially electrocute themselves. This is also ruining your very expensive electrical items! It’s best to cable manage and keep these things out of reach if your pet is a chewer.

Festive foods

Given have just passed Christmas and new year’s, there is probably a lot of great food hanging around in your house. Things like chocolates out on the table can be very dangerous if your pet is able to jump up to retrieve them. Chocolate is especially bad for dogs, as we know! Another potential hazard is the bones that are left over from your Christmas meats. These cooked bones can cause damage to your pet’s teeth, as they can easily split and cause gum damage.

Festive food fears for furry friends

Keep the toilet seat down 


To some pets, the toilet may look like a great place to dive in! This can be very dangerous as your pet could drown or struggle to get out.  It can be easy to get into the habit of putting down the toilet seat every time you leave the bathroom and this way it can’t be a hidden hazard in your home.

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By knowing these hidden hazards in your home, you can keep your pets safe and happy in their home!

About the author:
Toni Riley is Project Manager of the Return Unwanted Medicines Initiative.
The Return Unwanted Medicines project is a federal government funded initiative that provides all Australians and their pets with a free and convenient way to dispose of unwanted and expired household medicines by returning them to their local pharmacy. To find out more, visit http://www.returnmed.com.au/

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