Doggy daycare may help you look after your dog while you work, preventing your guilt at having to leave your dog at home alone. Kate at Kate’s Doggy Boutique holds years of experience running a doggy daycare centre in Liverpool and has provided some insight into how daycare can help improve a dog’s social situation.

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare for Socialisation

Socialisation is extremely important in the growth and development of any dog. It can help improve their behaviour and confidence while reducing the likelihood of issues developing such as separation anxiety and aggression. However, pet owners can be guilty of holding back their furry loved ones when it comes to socialising.

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare for Socialisation

Why Socialisation Is Important for Dogs

Socialisation is a vital component of an animal’s learning process as much as it is for us humans. The core aspect of socialisation is to introduce us to what is normal and abnormal within our society. It helps us to determine the rights and wrongs of how we act in the community. Without developing these important skills, we may develop physical and mental disabilities while finding it difficult to grow and maintain a social circle.

Socialisation in dogs shares many parallels with ourselves. It is the owner’s responsibility to do what they can to introduce their dog to the world. This is best done gradually during their puppy years when they have been vaccinated and are able to mingle with other dogs. It’s beneficial to get the dog used to a variety of experiences at an early age so they see the experience in a positive light. For instance, an owner may wish to take their dog on public transport or for a beach walk.

The sooner they become accustomed to a new experience for them, the less likely they will be fearful of the situation in future years. A dog that can socialise freely with other animals, as well as humans, is a happy and fearless dog. As a result, they are less likely to develop behavioural issues such as fear aggression and bad habits.

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare for Socialisation

How Doggy Day Care Helps Socialisation

There are several reasons that make doggy day care one of the best ways to aid the socialisation process in a dog’s life development. Day care centres provide a fun and safe environment for dogs to socialise with other dogs. In a lot of situations, regular visitors will be returning to play with the same dogs, allowing them to grow their own social circle. They have the freedom to let loose the normal behaviour expected of dogs.

Ultimately, dogs can learn how to interact and socialise with others through natural intuition. Not only will playing with other dogs allow them to improve their social skills, but it also keeps them physically healthy. With hours of endless exercise and fun, they will be returning to their owners worn out and ready for a good nap!

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare for Socialisation

By keeping a dog at home while you work, you not only risk feeling guilty yourself, but the dog will potentially suffer from the lack of interaction. Boredom will increase the likelihood of destructive behaviour and separation anxiety. Doggy daycare centres provide a professional service where each dog is supervised throughout the day. Not only do the dogs receive human interaction to keep them happy, but owners can rest assured that staff are trained to recognise body language and provide action where required.

About the author:
Kate Finley is the proud owner of Kate’s Doggy Boutique, a luxury doggy daycare centre in Liverpool, England. Kate firmly believes in providing a homely environment for dogs as opposed to kennels.


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