Pets at Home

Tips for designing your home with pets in mind. From flooring materials to furniture for cats, learn how pets can enhance your house and make it feel like a home.

Kids & Pets

There are many benefits for children growing up with pets. Learn the best pets for kids, safe interactions and all about this wonderful relationship.

Pet Travel

Travelling with or without your pets, here are some tips to ensure that you have the best and most relaxing holiday possible.

Pets Who Help People

Pets can help us in so many ways. Coping with life and also providing assistance when we need it. Find out about how wonderful pets can be.

Pets at Work

Instead of leaving your pets behind, why not take them to work? With these tips and accounts of pets at work, find out ways to make this work!

Pet Loss Grief

When your pet dies, grief is hard to bear. Here are some tips for understanding pets loss grief and coping with it. Take care of yourself.


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Understand life with pets and their behaviour

Cat behaviour

Learn about normal cat behaviour, the latest research and how to have fun with your feline friend

Dog behaviour

Understand normal dog behaviour, the latest in research and the fun of living with your canine companion

Pet behaviour problems

From anxiety to noise to toileting,
find a solution for your pet's problem

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