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More and more, we are seeing pets in the workplace. That’s got to be a good thing, right? Yes but only if you are prepared. Here are some tips, thanks to Hania Syed from My Deal, on how to be prepared to have your pet in the workplace…

Pets in the Office: How to be Prepared

The workplace can be a stressful environment, with tense meetings and tight deadlines all being part and parcel of the environment. Now, what’s one way of instantly de-stressing? Being able to cuddle up with your beloved pet!

More and more workplaces are allowing pets to be brought into the office, particularly on Fridays. Having pets in the office has been shown to reduce stress among employees and also boost the happiness of your pet as they get to be out with their best friend. From having a quality pet enclosure to keep your pooch out of the way to entertaining your cat with a cat scratching post, here’s everything you need to keep in mind before broaching the subject with your boss.


Legalities of pets at work

Your boss might adore the idea of having pets in the office, but you still need to be wary of any rules your building may have. In some cases, a pet can be considered a workplace hazard or unhygienic if your workplace has anything to do with food preparation. Make sure to go over everything with building management first and know where you stand in case anything was to go wrong. Your boss should also get you to sign a waiver to remove liability from the company.

Consider your colleagues

When bringing a pet into the workplace, you need to be considerate of everyone’s comfort and not just your own preferences. Is there anyone who is deathly afraid of dogs, or horribly allergic to cats? Be mindful of how noisy or disruptive your pet might be so that you do not impact the productivity or peace of mind of your colleagues. If you’re not sure how well your pet will cope in a corporate environment, try to bring them in on a day where you know the team won’t be too busy or not many people will be in.

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Prioritise safety

Before bringing your pet into your workplace, consider your pet’s comfort and safety. Make sure your office area is large enough for your pet to stroll around and not get in anyone’s way. Also, pet proof the area by removing any sharp objects or anything they might accidentally eat. Always have enough doggie bags to promptly clean up after your pet and maintain a hygienic work environment. Finally, be mindful that your cheeky pet doesn’t chew through any wires or cables!


Get your pet checked up

If other employees are already bringing their pets to work or you think they might start bringing their pets in when you do, make sure to take your pet to the vet first for vaccinations and a general checkup. The last thing you want is your pet spreading germs to other pets!

Plan your commute

In many cities, pets aren’t allowed on public transport unless they are small enough to be in a carrier or are a service animal. If your pet is too large to be taken on public transport in a carrier, you will need to drive to work in order to bring your best friend into the office.


Be prepared

Think about all the logistics before committing to bringing your pet into work. Pack more snacks and toys than you think you’ll need and work out how you’ll manage if you need a toilet or lunch break or need to take an important phone call or meeting. Carefully consider all the pet supplies you might need to successfully get through the workday with your pet.


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About the author:
Hania Syed is a content writer and digital marketing assistant at MyDeal.

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