House training tips

Take dogs outside after every sleep, rest, play, feed or every 30 minutes. Praise when they toilet, even give a command for toileting.

Block off areas of your home or confine dog to supervised areas, a crate or on a lead.

Clean up and turn toileting areas into living areas by feeding, playing or patting there.

Understand dog toileting issues

Dog smay toilet inappropriately for many reasons including:

Their age
Puppies often take months to learn to hang on overnight. Provide an appropriate spot for them to toilet. Usually putting newspapers down near the doorway works well. 

Most adult dogs will have an occasional lapse in cleanliness, perhaps when they are caught short, their exit is blocked or it is raining outside. 

Medical issues
Inappropriate toileting can be a symptom of a medical condition so it is important if your dog has changed their behaviour that have them checked out by your vet.

Your dog’s unwanted toileting habits may be a symptom of anxiety, especially separation anxiety, where your dog frets when left alone. Follow the tips given in Dog Anxiety.

Eating faeces
Eating poo may indicate a medical condition so a vet check is required. Often it occurs with puppies who are overly enthusiastic at eating everything they come across. An impoverished environment or an inability to move away to toilet can also result in a dog eating poo. Tips at Pet Eating Problems.

Solutions for dog house training

Vet check
Check with your vet prior to starting any behavioural therapy. You may need to collect a sample of urine for your vet to analyse. Blood test may also be necessary in some cases.

The best form of management for the canine house-training problem is to keep your dog out of areas that their urination or defection is unwanted. Close doors in your home.

If there are particular spots within your home that your dog favours to toilet, put some food in those spots and get down on the floor and play or pat your dog there. If your dog views this area as a living spot, they are less likely to soil there.

Back to basics
If your dog has never learnt to toilet properly or if they appear to have forgotten how to pee or poo outdoors, remind them. It may feel like starting all over again but this is worth it, in the long term.

Encourage through scent
If your dog toilets in an area of your garden which you find inappropriate, a deck or balcony or your children’s play areas for instance, you may be able to encourage them to go in your chosen spot by taking a little of their faeces to the desired spot. Accompany your dog to the area and praise them when they toilet there. 


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