Dog Barking Tips

Understand the cause of your dog's barking, then address the cause to reduce the unwanted behaviour.

Common causes of barking are boredom, excitement, anxiety, distress, disturbances and attention seeking.

Reward your dog for being quiet.

Causes of unwanted barking

Barking is a symptom. Work out the cause of the symptom and you can reduce the unwanted behaviour, Here are some common causes of unwanted barking behaviour:
Your dog can be bored even if you have a big backyard, take him for a walk every day, buy many dog toys and he is almost never alone.
Barking can be a symptom of stress in your dog's life. Another common anxious cause of barking is the condition separation anxiety.
People arriving at the gate or door can set many dogs off on a barking episode. Many cases of disturbance barking are commonly referred to as territorial behaviour.
Dogs may bark if they are experiencing pain or discomfort. Barking, from a normally quiet dog, may indicate pain.
Dogs get excited about many activities. Some will run about exuberantly while others will start to bark and forget when to stop!
Attention seeking
For many dogs, the main reason they bark to the level of annoyance is simply to get attention.

Solutions for barking problems

Understand the cause of your dog's unwanted barking to find a solution.
Various short-term solutions may help with your dog's barking problem., although these may reduce the noise only for a little while...

Relocating your dog to an area of your home where there barks cannot be heard.
Lavender scents and playing classical music can reduce barking, by calming your dog.
Anti-barking devices
Anti-barking devices such as citronella collars may be useful to appease the neighbours but generally do not stop barking in the long term.

Long-term solutions are the only way to quieten your dog. These may take time to implement (hence their name!) and can require the services of experts such as animal behaviourists or experienced dog trainers.

Quietening your dog means addressing the cause of the problem.Then implementing appropriate solutions such as exercise, training, play, desensitisation and so on. If your dog is territorial, you need to introduce him or desensitise him to the visitors, in a very careful, controlled and safe manner. If you dog is bored, then you need to introduce a variety of activities that your dog enjoys and finds mentally stimulating.

Other ways to understand and reduce barking

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Train your dog

Teach your dog to 'speak' on command. Then teach them to be quiet.
Remember to reward your dog when they are quiet.

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