Love your pets and love your TV binge-watching? It seems the two go together! Pets are man’s best binge paw-tner. It’s definitely a case of Netflix and Woof (or Meow)!

NETFLIX & WOOF: Bingeing is for the Dogs (and Cats)

Here at Pet Problems Solved, we know that you LOVE your pets.  And we know that, although you may not admit it, most of you enjoy a good TV show or two. And what better paw-son to accompany you on your binge-viewing than your pet!

According to a new survey released today by Netflix, when it comes to watching TV, 59% of Aussies find pets to be the best binge partner…

Netflix and Woof: Pets are (wo)man’s best binge paw-tner

Pros of watching TV with your pet

There are so many advantages to watching TV with your pet:

  • Pets don’t hog the remote control, although they do sometimes sit on it and change the channel!
  • Pets don’t judge your entertainment tastes.
  • They keep you warm and snug with their cuddles.
  • They help you with the scary parts of a movie! Yes, one in three people turn to their furry friends for comfort during a sad or scary scene.
  • You can chat with your pet about the show and they listen! Yes, a quarter of us do this!

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Netflix and Woof: Pets are (wo)man’s best binge paw-tner
The Crown Season 1


Cons of watching TV with your pet

It’s not all purr-fect viewing with your canine companion or feline friend. Things can get a bit ruff at times:

Cat behaviour problem
  • Half of us have to move sofas, to get enough room. (Love how we move, not our pets!!)
  • Bribery comes into it too with 15% of us offering treats to get the pet to watch with us.
  • A very dedicated 14% of pet owners have turned off a show because their pet didn’t like it!
  • Anyone else’s dog get a bit smelly in close proximity. Why do they always choose then to fart?!
  • And those cats that insist on catching the ball during sports viewing!

Watching Tv with your pets

What do Aussies watch with their pets?

So what are the shows everyone is barking, meowing and chirping about?

  • Dog owners are more likely to choose comedies such as Orange is the New Black & Grace and Frankie.
  • Cat owners purr-fer mystery and crime series such as Riverdale and Marvel’s Jessica Jones.
  • Bird lovers are nested-in with thrillers like Black Mirror.
  • The one show that brings all streaming species together… Stranger Things (#justiceformews).

Watching TV with our pets

Can pets even see TV?

Most pets are able to watch TV, though some have tried and find it of no interest, so no longer even try to keep up with your latest soap opera. Newer TVs with higher definition viewing are more likely to interest your pets. Many are highly interested and engaged when animals are on screen. Cats, especially enjoy watching animal shows or cartoons. Cats are uninterested in humans on screen!

Here’s a summary of our TV viewing with pets…

Netflix and Woof!

Thanks to Netflix for the stats… 

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