Are you moving to a new apartment or house? Here are 5 tips to execute a pet-friendly move, thanks to Sam Radbil, Author at ABODO Apartments…

Moving to a New Apartment? 5 Tips to Execute a Pet-Friendly Move

So, you’re currently living in a nice apartment and it’s is great for both you and your pet. There is plenty of room for everyone, and your pet has adapted well to her surroundings. Unfortunately, you now have to move to another city, and you’re wondering how to make your move efficient, affordable, and most of all, pet-friendly. Here are five things you can do to accomplish a pet-friendly move.


Rent the Right Place

If you have a dog that is accustomed to bounding out your back door into a sea of nice green grass, think twice about renting a high rise where you and your pet will have to take the elevator up and down many floors. Your pet may not appreciate the small and claustrophobic elevator space, and you may find that you have a retraining issue.

Also, just because a place says that it is pet-friendly doesn’t mean that it will necessarily meet your needs, so do a preemptive onsite visit to make sure that your pet will be happy in their new surroundings.

Read the Lease

You may have a great situation where you are now in a super pet-friendly city. Your landlord is lenient, likes pets, doesn’t worry about an occasional dug-up plant or some injured grassy areas. All of that can change, however, when you move. You may have to pay an extra security deposit in case your pet causes damage, and you may be hit with fines if, for example, your pet is found accidentally roaming without a leash. It’s your job to understand the limitations of your proposed new residence, and the responsibilities you will need to accept. If you have never been faced with an onerous lease before, don’t be afraid to get legal help in interpreting all of the sections.



Try to keep your pet’s area stable and uncluttered. Work around the food bowl area, and if you have a cat, try not to move the litter box from its present location. Your pet enjoys stability, and while you will be stressed enough, you don’t need your pet to be upset at the same time.

Cat behaviour problem
Cats enjoy the packing when you move house!

Moving Day

If your pet enjoys chaos, maybe they can hang around during the move. Otherwise, if strangers, loud noises and disruption aren’t their thing, consider a pet-sitter for moving day. As you are preparing to move, make sure that you pet-proof all boxes so your over-exuberant pup isn’t given the opportunity to undo the packing work you have spent so much time organizing, refining, and actually doing.


Getting There

If you have a cat, you need to get a carrier. Yes, it’s a cage, but your animal is going to be a lot safer in the container than out of it. If you are moving by car, of course don’t think you can carry your pet in the trunk as they obviously need fresh air, and you need to be aware of your pet’s needs at any given moment.

If you have a dog, also consider a crate. If you do go this route, make sure you acclimate your pet to their temporary quarters well before you load up the truck and drive to your new apartment. This may take several preliminary trips, but it’s well worth it.

Realize that every animal is different. A friend told us that she recently moved and crated both of her cats. One cat went to sleep for the entire 24-hour ride, but the other one constantly meowed, hissed and tried to claw her way out of the cage. This, as you can understand, can be quite disconcerting, so again, try to get your pets ready for the temporary, but new travel method.

If your pet has a toy they really like, be sure to bring it and offer it to them in their small space. If you really anticipate a serious problem, don’t hesitate to ask your vet about alternatives like temporary sedation–and we mean for your pet–not for you!

Moving is stressful for humans, but at least we can communicate and make loved ones understand the process and what to expect. Pets, on the other hand, can easily become overwhelmed and upset. It’s hard enough to move but having an unhappy pet in the back seat makes it worse, so do what you can to make your pet is less apprehensive about this new adventure.

About the author:
Sam Radbil is the lead author at ABODO Apartments, an online apartment marketplace. Sam writes on topics from pet-friendly rentals to rental rates all across the United States. Check out ABODO’s Austin, Texas apartments and follow along on social media at @ABODOapts.


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