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Do you have a smart home? Do you know what a smart home is and how it may impact on your life with your pets? We asked Ana Bera from SafeAtLast if smart home technology is good for our pets…


Is Smart Home Technology Good for My Pets?

It’s been debated for years now. Is technology good for life in general? Moreover, is smart technology good for the lives of animals and the environment? And, what effect does it have on your pets? Read this article as it may settle some of these questions.

What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a whole collection of smart devices on your network at home. This includes products like smartphones, smart ovens, smart security products, and the list goes on. Smart products connect to the internet. This technology is called the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart products use IoT to communicate with each other.

Smart devices also have the capability to work in unison to create new forms of synergy in your home. It connects to your Wi-Fi and goes to work. It performs its basic functions. A smart oven still cooks like a basic oven, but it can connect to the internet to access new features.


Is Smart Home Technology Safe?

Now the question arises. Is it safe to use? In short, yes. Smart home technology is designed with its customers in mind. Every product feature was developed with meticulous attention to detail. Every design was well thought out. Every aspect of smart products are developed to ensure a better, healthier, and often a cheaper life for its customers.

Is Smart Home Technology Good for My Pets?

Is Smart Technology Good for My Pets?

Smart home products are firstly developed for its customers. Smart home devices were firstly built by humans for humans. But, it has come a long way to include some benefits for your furry friends as well.


What are the Benefits of Owning a Smart Home?

Smart home products were conceived out of many kinds of needs. Here are just a few benefits of owning a smart home for both you and your pets.


Healthier Lifestyles

Smart home products have ways of making your life healthier. Smart kitchen appliances have healthier methods of cooking. Smart refrigerators have water filters for its dispensers. Smart microwaves will know when your meal is heated to perfection without burning the food. This product features help to improve your health by improving your diet. You are what you eat. Use it wisely and you will improve the way you prepare food for your pets as well. Animals need nutritional value from food as well and better preparation means better nutrient content.


Cheaper Lifestyles

Products like smart thermostats have a staggering effect on yearly warming and cooling costs. It can lower these types of bills by about 20%. 45% of American smart home households save an average of $98,30 per month. That adds up to over $1,000 saved per year.

We know your pet probably doesn’t have a piggy bank, but just imagine how you can spoil your pets with an extra $1,000 in a year?




57% of American smart homeowners claim to save about thirty minutes per day. That adds up to saving more than a week per year. Just think about the extra time you can spend playing with your pets.

Is Smart Home Technology Good for My Pets?

Practical Pet Solutions Through Smart Homes

So, to really drive this one home. Here are some practical solutions to benefit your pets through smart home products.

Smart Security

Smart security is one of the most used smart tech on the market. 3 out of 5 Americans buy smart home products with which to monitor their homes. Smart locks, alarms, and CCTV is used to keep an eye on what is most valuable to you. Connect these devices to your Smart smoke detectors. Your smart locks can be programmed to unlock immediately as soon as the smoke alarm is triggered. This will ensure none of your pets to be locked inside your home when a fire is started. It’s no wonder 62% of Americans regard better security as the top benefit of owning a smart home.

Cat behaviour problem

Smart CCTV is mainly used for security purposes. Some of these units have speakers on them. They are also able to receive sounds and replay it live over another smart product. You can, for instance, monitor your pets over smart CCTV and communicate with them. You are able to see and hear for yourself what is going on at home whenever you receive a call about your pets.

Smart Locks will know when you are allowed access to a house. It’s based on many kinds of measures and features. But, you can put a smart collar on your pet. Pet doors with smart locks will then only open for your pets with smart collars. This will keep all kinds of pesky vermin from using your pet doors.


Smart Lights

Smart lights are useful to humans. You can control these units from your phone. It can also help to lower your electricity bill. Control lights from anywhere in the world.

But, how does it benefit your pet? This is how. Some smart lights have motion sensors. Program your smart lights to look for the motion before switching on. Then, whenever your pets want to get up at night the lights will turn on automatically. You can even set these lights to only brighten up to a low 10%. It will be just enough for your pets to see without waking you up when you are sleeping.

Is Smart Home Technology Good for My Pets?

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers can be controlled by your phone. You can control what plays through it from over your phone. You can manage them by simply having signal on your smartphone.

You know very well that your pets do not cope well with loud noises. Guy Fawkes, 4th of July, Diwali, or any other traditional commemoration which includes loud fireworks upsets your furry family members. You can activate your smart speakers over your phone to play nice soothing music to calm your pets.


Are You Convinced Yet?

These types of benefits and product features seem to have no end. Smart homes are not only for humans. Your pets can definitely benefit from it as well. These devices may be used by humans. But they will make the lives of your pets easier too. Give it a go and see how it will change you and your pets’ lives.

About the author: 
Ana Bera is a self-confessed 5’3 ray of sunshine and chocolate addict. As the co-founder of SafeAtLast, she uses every opportunity she gets to learn from others and then share the knowledge and generate fun and informative content. She is a Toronto born world traveler, hungry for knowledge and ready to make a difference in the marketing world.


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