Finding a pet-friendly place to live can be difficult, no matter where you live. Catrin Cooper works in real estate and gives us tips on how she found her pet-friendly apartment…

How to find a pet-friendly apartment

How I Found My Pet-Friendly Apartment?

Several months ago, I was relocated for a new job in another city. Hence, I had to look for a new apartment. One of the problems I encountered was that I had a pet, Shiba Inu. Naturally, I needed an apartment that would accept pets. Not only that, it should have more amenities for me and my pet.

It took a while before I found that perfect place to live, not just for me, but also for my pet. It was a great challenge. But after weeks of finding a pet-friendly apartment, I discovered one that met my criteria.

What did I do? Here are the steps I took before I found that heavenly dwelling.


Use of an Online tool

One of the first steps I made was to use an Internet tool, which helped me narrow down my search. I used several options that aided me in eliminating listings that don’t allow pets.

I found a few pet-friendly apartments through those online tools. Then, I also looked for private landlords because they are easy to negotiate with.

Polish my pet’s resume

Looking for an apartment that allows pets is like looking and applying for a job. I didn’t just have to sell myself, but I also have to market my pet. And that was a great challenge.

The good thing was that my pet had already received an obedience training certificate. If your dog has not completed the training yet, you should send a proof that it is currently enrolled in one. This will help too.

Then, my former landlord sent a letter of recommendation to my prospective leasers.

I also requested a letter from my pet’s doctor stating that I’m keen on my pet’s medical care. I supplied documentation that my dog has been vaccinated against rabies and neutered.

I also wrote a pet resume for rental that detailed its related certificates, medical details, and various significant information. I also suggested to my prospective landlords to see my dog in person and evaluate it themselves.

How to write a pet resume

Pay a pet deposit

During the interview, I offered the landlords to pay a separate pay security deposit before moving in. I did this to show them that I was confident of my pet’s behavior.

Cat behaviour problem

But my search for the right abode for me and my pet didn’t stop there. After the interview and offering a pet deposit, I also made sure that the apartment wasn’t just the excellent location for me but also for my pet.

How to find a pet-friendly apartment

In my current apartment, the parks are just a walking distance. Then, a few blocks away, there’s a doggy daycare that I could just drop off my pet when I have to travel to another city for one to two days.

During my search before I found this perfect apartment that I’m currently living in, I found some pet-friendly buildings that also offered on-site grooming and training. Unfortunately, I could not afford the pay rate.


Make a contract

Once I found that perfect pet-friendly apartment, I asked the landlord to get it in writing of what we have agreed. Although he said that there’s no need for it, I insisted.

For me, verbal approval wasn’t enough. Thus, he obliged. In the rental agreement, it explicitly stated that I’m allowed to bring my pet and pay a pet deposit, which was non-refundable.

I understand that several landlords reject pets. How to find a pet-friendly apartment

Perhaps, they had bad encounters with impetuous pet owners who sneaked pets in or did not confine their pets. These are legitimate concerns. And I respect them. That’s why I had to sell myself as a responsible pet owner, and I nailed it.

About the author:
Catrin Cooper is a content manager at real estate startup Rentberry in San Francisco. She loves creating useful articles for tenants and landlords as well as writing about marketing and self-development. In a free time, Catrin enjoys travelling and yoga.

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