If you are new to horse keeping, considering getting a horse or just wonder if you’re doing the right thing by your horse, here’s a guide to horse health care from Mandy Bular…

Horse Health Care – Small Things Which Can Create a Noteworthy Difference

We all know that often small things have the power of creating a remarkable difference and the same applies to the health care of horses as well. When you tweak a couple of things in the way you manage your horse you can experience the difference. A horse is a simple animal with simple needs, but when it comes to their health, you need to consider a couple of things.


1. Basic Nutrition

A horse needs a meal that is rich in fiber yet low in nutrients. By giving your horse power-packed nutrition in minimal quantity, the outcomes will be astounding.


2. Lots of Long-Stem Food

Your horse will have to continue chewing day and night to stay fit and healthy. It is best to provide them with hay to keep their body and mind healthy. Also, while they eat, they should walk for proper digestion and staying active. If hay is not available in plenty, you can feed your horse with beet pulp pellets. Do not forget to soak them for a few hours before.


3. Body Maintenance

When it comes to the health of your horse their body maintenance is a must. The good news is this process is simple and affordable. All that your horse will need include vaccinations, dental care, hoof care, regular de-worming amid others.


4. A Place to Roam

Generally, a horse walks about 25 miles daily to look for water and food. It is essential for your horse to move at all times. Thus, it is necessary to provide him adequate space to run. For instance, if you keep your horse in a stall manage sufficient turnout space.

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5. The Job and the Personality of the Horse Should Match

Just as different people have different types of personality the same is the case with a horse. Today personality typing methods are available which will help in determining the kind of personality of the horse. Based on the personality you can check whether the diet, job, and management complement his personality or not. If not, you should balance the program accordingly.


6. Companions

A horse cannot live alone but needs a partner to feel happy, secure and satisfied. The good news is your horse will also get along well with other animals such as goats, donkeys or mules.


7. Be a Horse

It holds true in case of a performance horse such as a horse that participates in racing or goes on a safari. Take the horse out to pasture to restore his mental condition to help him function better.

These are small things but can work like magic when it comes to the healthcare of your horse. They have basic requirements which are cost-effective and straightforward but can keep them happy and healthy. All they need is some primary psychological and physiological care. Just invest some time in them, and you will see how secure they feel. Hope by now you know how to take care of your horse. All the Best!

About the author:
Mandy Bular is an independent content writer. She has composed numerous great and informative articles on various categories and currently associated as a blogger with TVG.


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