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If you love hiking, then you’ll love it even more with your dog! With these tips from Tim Fox, hiking with dogs will be easy and enjoyable…

So, you’re planning an adventure with your pet. The two of you hope to go on a long-distance hike, and you have read all the blogs, and forums you could find. You’re nearly packed to head out to the wild blue yonder together, but first here are a few unusual tips on hiking gear for your dog.

Pack Extra Food:
Your dog is going to burn lots of energy running up those hills with you. Just like you, they are going to burn a good number of calories and can be hungry than usual. You might want to research dry food and snacks with a higher amount of protein. Jerky’s are a great option to carry on have for that extra pick up.

Water Filter:
Hiking is thirsty work, and your dog will need a lot of water. It is normal to suspect that your dog can drink from rivers and streams you pass along the way, but dogs can get ill from poor water too. Consider packing a water filter that you can use for yourself and your pup to avoid getting sick.

Sun Protection:
Did you know dogs get sunburned? High exposure to sun makes dogs skin pink and irritated. You need to be aware of how much time they spend out in the sun. Take breaks often under shaded areas and invest in a kids safe SPF which you can easily apply to their coat and down to their skin. This will hopefully avoid dealing with the aftermath of a sunburn. A “Cool Coat” can also be a good idea, but you will need ready access to water to use it.

Dog Boots: 
Hot or cold that trail is dangerous. The use of dog boots or shoes is a good concept when hiking in extreme conditions. It helps dogs from burning their feet on hot terrane as well as becoming too cold too fast in snowy conditions. It also adds an extra layer of protection on long journeys. Puppy Paws can become raw and soar with blusters and even wounds.

Depending on your relationship with your pup, on the trail, everyone needs a little space. Think about getting a lite weight dog tent so they can chill out with their camp pillow. They can then get a good rest before its time to hit the trail again.

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Insect Replant:
You might have sorted out your dog’s flea meds, but other nasty bugs can cause your pet irritation on the trail. Mosquitos can have unhealthy diseases that they can easily transmit, not to mention ticks, lice, sandflies, horseflies, blackflies, tense flies & gadflies. Research a Deet free dog replant to help Fido from getting eaten by the insects in the elements. Make sure you test it out on a small spot of your dog’s skin first, to make sure they don’t react to it.

Overall it is important to discuss your trip with fellow hikers. Understand the demands that you and your dog face on any particular trail, the conditions may vary with topography and season. Make sure your pooch is up to the challenge by training them on smaller and less intense trails. Understand and teach your pet; you cannot plan to hike a long way with a pup that does not obey commands. The wilderness is full of challenges and wonders do your best to prepare for the journey ahead and don’t forget those extra treats in your hiking gear!

About the author:
Tim Fox a blogger at Outdoor with Junkies where he helps outdoor enthusiast by providing information and review about outdoor life and product.

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