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Pet Problems Solved is Dr Jo Righetti, animal behaviourist's website about pets and their people.

PLEASE NOTE: Pet Problems Solved is NOT currently accepting any guest posts.
Please check back later in the year.


The following conditions will apply when we are accepting posts....

Quick summary

  1. We accept a very limited number of guest posts but there may be a delay of several months before publication or even reading your submission (sorry, we're busy with business!)
  2. We do not accept links but you can pay for a sponsored post which allows links and will also move your post to the front of the queue.
  3. We do not republish topics so your article must be unique, well-written and be about pets (we are pet problems solved!) Read on...

Please meet the following criteria:

  1. When you submit an article*, please include:

    • A title and an author name.
    • Your article of 500 - 1500 words (longer articles will be accepted on negotiation).
    • A one or two sentence bio about yourself and/or your organisation/company. A link to your website is acceptable, only in the bio.

Without the former, the article will not be accepted.

2. The following are optional but will be regarded favourably (i.e. your article is more likely to be published when you include them):

  • Photos which include pets and the points that you are making in your article (not simply cute pets).
    If you do not supply any pictures, photos will be supplied within your article (generally 4 photos are used per article). Horizontal photo format is preferred.
  • Using a friendly tone, as if you are talking to one pet owner.
  • Use plural descriptions when talking about pets i.e. "their" not "his" or him". We will edit your submission to include these.
  • Suggested keyword/s and/or SEO descriptions.
  • That you agree to share with your social media channels. Please share your article when published with your followers, family and friends.
  • If possible, please include a link from your site to your article once published at Pet Problems Solved. Inbound links help in search engine optimisation.
  • 3. Submissions which are favoured include:
  • Unique articles. Check for similar articles using the keyword search box above, prior to submitting an article. We do not republish on topics already covered.
  • Expert articles (but you must be an expert on your topic or interview experts)
  • Articles with a point of view or on contemporary topics.
  • Articles that refer to scientific discoveries (and reference them).
  • Articles that solve a problem (this is pet problems solved)

If your article is not one of these, it probably will not be accepted.

  • 4. Submissions which are not favoured include:
  • Articles that are not in one of the above (Part 3) categories.
  • Articles that are basic 'how to's'.
  • Articles with titles like "Best..." or "Top Tips". We want unique, specific content; not generic.
  • Behaviour articles, as Dr Jo Righetti is a specialist in this area and writes these articles.
  • Those with links to other websites (one link to your own site is acceptable in your bio) or advertising.
  • Articles with product endorsement, links or reviews. These will not be published but if you wish Dr Jo to review your product, please get in touch.
  • Articles with poor grammar or English. Have someone read your article prior to submission.
  • Articles with excess words e.g. 'in order to'. Instead, imagine talking (not writing) with a pet owner.
  • Infographics (very few infographics are accepted)
  • Articles without a bio will not be published.

5. Guest posts vs Sponsored Posts
No charges are made for publication of blog posts. Nor is there any payment given. You must not include links within the body of your article otherwise charges will apply. One link from your short bio is acceptable and does not incur any fee.

This site advertises affiliate products and also has sponsors. Other sites may request a link from your article. If you do not wish to have products advertised on your post, a fee will apply.

  • 6. Suggested articles

The following articles have been requested and will be favoured for publication. This list changes regularly so check back in soon...

  • Setting up a pond in your garden
  • Why I love my pet rabbits
  • Birds for beginners
  • What goes on at doggy daycare?
  • Holiday destinations with pets

7. What happens after submission?

  1. Your submitted guest article or inquiry will generally be read or addressed at the start of the month. (Sorry, our business is not website development, so there is a delay).
  2. You will be informed if your article is going to be published or not. Submission of an article does not equal automatic publication. We are looking for quality and a fit for our site.
  3. Your article will go into a queue for publication. If you wish your article to go to the head of the queue, you must submit a sponsored post. Articles may take several months to be published. Sponsored articles and news items go to the head of the queue but can still take weeks to be live. We do not respond to repeated requests about dates of publication.
  4. You will be notified when your article is published. Your article will be shared with social media too.
  5. Once published, your article may be quoted or submitted to other publications e.g. Apple News. While the effort will be made to notify you, this may not always be possible. Dr Jo Righetti reserves the right to include your article in future publications. You will always be credited for your article.
  6. Please consider sharing your published article with your social networks to widen the search engine recognition.


Who is Pet Problems Solved and who are their Audience?

Pet Problems Solved website has a dedicated audience of pet lovers. We are not huge in numbers but we truly love pets. We are not particularly good at commenting but we do get shares and our social media reach is good. Don't assume we are particularly scientific but also don't assume that we know nothing. We love pets and want to know more about them. We are based in Australia but have a worldwide reach.

This website is only part of the Pet Problem Solved business. Dr Jo Righetti is consulting with pet owners, vet clinics, local governments, commercial companies, not-for-profit organisations and media too, as well as writing books and making videos and podcasts. Hence, we appreciate your patience when submitting your article and love that you want to be involved with Pet Problems Solved. 

Thank you, Jo

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