Have you heard of Friendly Dog Collars? These may be just what you and your dog need to alert people to your dog’s temperament. Pet Problems Solved asked Australian business owner Jenny Parker…

What are Friendly Dog Collars?

Friendly Dog Collars specialises in temperament awareness dog accessories, designed to communicate to others whether your dog is approachable, requires space or has special needs and should be approached accordingly

Originally designed over 10 years ago in the UK the range was originally based on the traffic light system, Green/Friendly, Yellow/Nervous and Red/Caution the collection has since grown due to customer feedback/demand to include an additional 11 collections.

When and why did you start this business?

Friendly Dog Collars was introduced to Australia in 2012 by a lady who bred Staffordshire terriers and in 2014 when I was a pet photographer I was commissioned to photograph the images for their website. A few months down the track when she was wanting to sell the Australian Distribution rights it was a no-brainer and we could not let the opportunity pass.
Here is a link to our BLOG on Jon who owns FDC in the UK.

What do the individual collars mean?

FRIENDLY – I like meeting new friends
NERVOUS  -Please give me space
NO DOGS – I like people, just not dogs
CAUTION – Do Not Approach
TRAINING – I’m learning new things
DEAF DOG – I can’t hear you, I’m Deaf
BLIND DOG – I can’t see you, I’m blind
ADOPT ME – I am looking for a forever home
DO NOT FEED – Please do not feed me, I may have a life-threatening illness
SERVICE DOG – I am for work, not play
ASSISTANCE DOG – I am for work, not play
THERAPY DOG – I am providing love and support for someone in need
DO NOT PET – Please do not attempt to touch me
SECURITY – I’m for work, not play

Who would benefit from using these?

Cat behaviour problem

I believe our product can help all. It’s our responsibility as pet owners to help indicate to others the temperament of our dogs, many people can be made very uncomfortable by the approach of a strange dog.  I feel its courtesy to do what we can and also our responsibility to keep not only our pooch safe but also other people safe,  particularly kids.  If your pooch is well sign posted, you are doing all you can to indicate to others.

Do other people (dog owners or not) actually know what these collars mean?

We have over 1000 reviews, both on Facebook and our website and most people have a very positive response from others. Of course, as expected, there are those who completely disregard but I think that comes from a society that lacks situational awareness in all avenues. Not just when out with their dogs

How would you like the business to grow?

The upside of this product is that it has been legally patented and copywrite-protected worldwide which means that there are no other products like it (any out there are constantly being addressed by our legal team) this allows the message/teachings to be globally recognised.

Our goal is for the basic traffic light system and how it pertains to dogs to be taught in schools and we are actually in talks now for a new program in 2019 in conjunction with the RSPCA.

We would like to see that councils utilise our CAUTION range for dangerous dogs as the current red/yellow issued collar has no education behind it and we have been approached by owners with classified dangerous dogs saying that people actually approach them to ask where they got the pretty red/yellow collar!

At the end of the day, whether you use our products or not, we would like everyone to, at least, be educated as to what each colour represents from a distance.

We’re consistently growing with over 150+ stockists in Australia, 39k followers on Facebook and most of all word of mouth from our happy customers. Our website reviews and facebook reviews  speak for themselves.

Anything else you would like to add?

If there was any message at all, that I could shout from the rooftop, it would be to anyone who lets their dogs off lead in ‘onlead’ areas. I know many of us have friendly, non-reactive dogs but not everyone is so lucky and the distress caused to owners of reactive dogs when they see a dog off lead is just not fair. It is as simple as just popping a lead back on your dog as you pass another.

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