Drawn Free: A watercolour tribute to dogs that have found a new life

Pet Problems Solved loves pet owners who adopt their pets and give them a new life. Now some of these lucky dogs have a watercolour book, designed as a tribute to them by artist James Wadley…



James Wadley is a dog lover and artist in Sydney and his first book, Drawn Free, aims to raise money for rescue organisations. The book is a collection of watercolour sketches of his friends’ rescue dogs from around the world. A huge 50% of the profits from sales of the book are donated to shelters.


Dogs from all around the world are featured in the book, including Rufus…

The backstories of the dogs are also featured in the book but sadly for Rufus, no one knows what his previous life was!

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You can find out more about the book and purchase your own copy at
If you have a rescue dog that you would like featured in the next edition of the book, you can contact James at


Giveaway of Drawn Free

Pet Problems Solved has 3 copies of Drawn Free to give away to people who love and want to help rescue pets. Just write to us at, with the subject heading Drawn Free, saying why you think pet rescue is important. Please give us your postal address too and we will notify winners by email, sending a book to your address shortly after. Entries close Friday 2nd Nov 2018. Good luck.



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