CBD for Dogs 101: Everything You Need to Know About Dosage and Quality Products

CBD oils are a natural and safe way to treat or manage your dog’s symptoms. Like humans, many dogs suffer from a variety of ailments and behavioral issues. This is where CBD can help.
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CBD Oil for Dogs

It’s a common misconception that CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are one in the same. While they come from the cannabis species, that where the similarities stop. CBD has no psychoactive effects and can be derived from by hemp and marijuana plants. In the case of treatment for dogs, CBD oil is derived from hemp plants and doesn’t come with the side effects that traditional medicine or marijuana has. CBD products derived from hemp must contain less than 0.03 percent of TCH. This dosage size isn’t enough to give small animals the psychoactive effects you would see out of marijuana, for example.

CBD can give nervous, temperamental, or sick dogs a higher quality of living because of the way it supplements a dog’s endocannabinoid system. This system exists in all mammals—something you and your pup share in common. It’s responsible for keeping the body and mind in balance by managing physiological processes like pain, memory, and appetite.

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With that in mind it’s important to understand the proper dosage size and reason for treatment as the range of benefits depends on the type of ailment and dosage size you give your dog. Chronic pain, sensitive skin, and separation anxiety are fit for a standard dosage. Whereas, nausea, inflammation, and pain from an injury are better served by a medium dosage size. Dogs with more dire situations like cancer, epilepsy, or hip dysplasia, typically fall under a large dose situation.

The non-psychoactive compound of CBD is pet-friendly and it won’t make your dog “high.” Even at large doses, your dog will be able to tolerate CBD oil while managing ailments. Using the infographic below, you can learn about the diverse benefits of CBD oil for dogs, types of CBD products and and how to choose quality CBD for your dog.

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