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My new book Cat Toileting Problems Solved has just been published! And I’m looking for reviewers…

Cat Toileting Problems Solved Front Cover copy

Cat Toileting Problems Solved is a solution for owners of cats with the most common behaviour problem – toileting! Ok, so this may never be a best seller! But it may just be a lifesaver for some cat owners!

Cat toileting ‘mistakes’ are the most common behaviour problem experienced by cat owners. Spraying, urinating and defecating in all the wrong places, are the hallmarks of this problem behaviour.
Cat Toileting Problems Solved is an 88 page, full-colour, hard copy, book, which tackles the unmentionable subject of inappropriate toileting behaviour of cats. (This book is an update of Dr Jo’s 2005 book of the same name, with many more examples and solutions in this edition.) Dr Jo helps cat owners understand just why their cat is failing to use the litter tray. Simple, easy to implement solutions to this annoying problem are giving in this text, along with case studies of inappropriate feline elimination.

Cat Toileting Problems Solved Book by Dr Jo Righetti
Extract from Cat Toileting Problems Solved

Book Reviewers
In the meantime, I am looking for some book reviewers to give us an idea of how this book will help you.
To qualify as a potential book reviewer, you need to be:
  • A cat owner, preferably one who has or has had feline toileting issues
  • Australian (sorry, other countries, you will have access to the book soon)
  • Willing to write a short review (just a few sentences) in return for a complimentary copy of Cat Toileting Problems Solved. You may write this immediately after reading, or wait until you have put some solutions into place.

Please leave a short description about your cat and their problems in the comments below and check back by Sunday 14th Aug. I will choose up to 5 cat owners with (differing) problems to review.

Cat Toileting Problems Solved Book with Litter Tray

Please do not agree to review unless you are willing to do so. I will email you repeatedly until your review is submitted. If you wish a free copy, subscribe to my website, as a chance to win free copies will be announced by newsletter.


  1. Hi Jo. I’d love to review your book. I have five cats who live indoors. They have kitty litter but are going all over the house and as you can imagine my home is really starting to smell. I’d appreciate any help you can give me. Sandy

  2. Hi Jo,

    I own two cats and am fostering a third. However, in my small block there are 4 other cats making a total of 7. As I have a cat flap, they all have access to my small apartment and come in throughout the night. The spraying problem is way out-of-control and even my vet says it is unusual. There is one culprit who occasionally does a small wee around my cats food area but I haven’t seen which cat. The cats are all male and all neutered and generally get along yet the odorous spraying continues and I am continually putting down tin foil on my benches and across my bookshelves in a bid to discourage them. It isn’t working. I have had this problem for many months now and it has reduced me to tears on more than one occasion. I have considered contacting an animal behaviorist which will be expensive, but my neighbours will contribute as they are also having the same problem (for some reason mine is worse).

    I am about to install a microchip cat flap so only my 3 will have access and their health is fine. The vet has suggested some tablets for stress (maybe I need some too!). I also use ‘Urine Off’. I have come across your website before when googling this ugly problem and would be most keen to read (and review) your book. I happen to be a writer/ editor thus have a way with words. Sorry this is a bit wordy, but I wanted to give you all the details and facts. Thanks, yours in vain hope, Helen

  3. I have a female desexed Siamese about 18 months old. I was overseas for 3 months and had a house sitter in to mind the cat. When she was a baby she urinated on the lounge twice a few weeks apart. I was able to get the smell out and it never happened again. While I was away apparently she urinated repeatedly in the same spot. I have had to throw the lounge out. Also she uninated on the chair the sitter used each night to watch tv.
    I will be travelling again and am worried this may happen again. There has been no accidents since I got home.

  4. I have 3 indoor cats and own a Cat Boarding business. One of my own cats ( desexed male) wees in sinks, basins and on any clothes left on the floor. He also over grooms so that his belly and inside of his back legs are bald. He seems happy, purrs all the time, and is a real socialite. He’s had steroid injections to help him in case it’s an allergy issue but he still wees in odd places. Love to read your book so I can understand better what’s happening with him and to use the knowledge in my Cattery to help customers with similar issues.

  5. HI Jo,
    I have had cats all my life. I currently have 6 cats. They have clean kitty litter indoors and access to a secure yard through a cat door. One of my female spayed cats marks our TV and another female spayed cat urinates on our bathroom mat regularly. I am passionate about cats & helping people with behaviour problems to prevent cats ending up in pounds. I am also an avid reader. I would love to read your book and would provide feedback promptly. I work in the pet industry and if this book can help cat owners, I and would be willing to promote / sell your book.
    Regards Lisa

  6. You’ve already seen some of my problems in the messages I left on your Facebook page! We have 2 cats – recently adopted Seth. This week Seth was trying to wee with no luck – in the litter tray and in inappropriate places, turned out to be stress cystitis. He’s had a shot to help with that but worried about when that wears off. He has also been spraying. The vet said we have been doing everything right but I am starting to despair. Bought some Feliway about 10 days ago and I swear he sprays just after I’ve sprayed it!!! Although both cats do seem calmer now. So any help or guidance (like your book) would be most welcome!

  7. It’s great that there are books for help with this! Luckily our cat has never had much of a problem with missing the litter box, but I wish we could really find a way to do more for him when he throws up.

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