At Pet Problems Solved, we love to hear about pet-friendly destinations. Santa Clara, a nice suburb of San Jose, on the west coast of California is a destination to bring your entire family, pets too…

Bring the Whole Family (Pets Too!) on a Trip to Santa Clara

Bring the Whole Family (Pets Too!) on a Trip to Santa Clara

A trip to Santa Clara is perfect for all the members of your family including your pets. If you want a vacation destination that embraces your furry friends, you’ll find this California city very accommodating with its pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and attractions. You’ll make memories, see new sights, and spend time with all of your family, your dogs or cats included.

No vacation is complete without your four-legged family members. Imagine the options you have when you visit pet-friendly cities with businesses and attractions that embrace dogs and cats. Wouldn’t you rather stay in a place where everyone in your family is welcomed and included?


Pet-Friendly Hotels to Stay At

Finding the right pet-friendly hotels is important as you don’t want your dog or cat to be the reason why you’re not welcomed at an establishment. The Hyatt House Santa Clara is among one of the top accommodations in the city for good reason. It welcomes families to bring their dogs and cats with them on vacation.

Pets are treated like VIP guests there, too. The outstanding hotel offers a long list of amenities that make a stay comfortable for pets and their owners. Among the most notable amenities offered by the business are a fitness room, hot tub, outdoor pool, BBQ area, and free breakfast.

Bring the Whole Family (Pets Too!) on a Trip to Santa Clara

Restaurants That Are Pet-Friendly

Pet-friendly restaurants in Santa Clara include Piatti, Straits, Tomatina, and Birk’s Restaurants. You’ll even find cuisine specifically made for dogs on many of the menus. Knowing that you don’t need to leave your pet behind in the hotel is a relief as new situations may scare your four-legged family member.

With over 29 restaurants to choose from in the area, you’ll have no problem dining out with Fido as company. The hardest choice you’ll make is where to eat and what to order off the menu. With so many delicious options awaiting you, it’s important that you have a few in mind before setting out on your trip to Santa Clara so you won’t be overwhelmed.

It’s important to call a dining establishment before bringing your pet to make sure that there is room for them. Some restaurants are so popular because of their open door policy offered to furry friends. That’s why you’ll want to make a reservation in advance so you’re sure to be able to eat at your first choice in restaurants.

Bring the Whole Family (Pets Too!) on a Trip to Santa Clara

Places to Visit with Your Pets

Some attractions that welcome furry family members are any of the many public parks, beaches, and nature trails. Santana Row, Foothill Park, and Windy Hill Open Space Preserve are just a few of the places outdoors you can bring your pets. Other points of interest include Levi’s Stadium, California’s Great America, and SAP Center.

Being able to watch a football game with your family and dog is an incredible experience. So is bringing your pet to a theme park like Great America. Imagine all the photo opportunities that await you there!

Bring the Whole Family (Pets Too!) on a Trip to Santa Clara

Make Santa Clara a Travel Destination That You Visit in the Future

Plan your trip to Santa Clara today. Beautiful sights, sounds, flavors, and experiences await you in California. Pack your bags and bring your family along for the adventure. There’s no need to kennel your pets because they’re welcome to vacation with you.


About the author:
Burt is an animal lover from a young age. His pets are a part of his family, and as a result, he enjoys doing everything with his four-legged companions.


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