Does your company or organisation want to help pet owners?

Would your customers or clients benefit from help with their pets?
Does your company need to attract more pet owners?

Animal behaviour consultant Dr Jo Righetti and Pet Problems Solved are now offering pet behaviour Q&A sessions for your clients and customers.
Here's how you can add value to your brand...

Online behaviour help

Your client's pet behaviour questions answered online by Dr Jo

Email help

Customer questions answered by email with Dr Jo.

Face to face

Dr Jo answers pet behaviour questions at your event

Articles and books

Send your clients a pet behaviour article or book

Online behaviour Q&As

Organise a pet behaviour Q&A session with your social media followers. Dr Jo will answer cat & dog behaviour questions, written or live, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.Your followers will love it!

Customer Emails

We'll organise a behaviour Q&A session with your subscribers.
You send an email, inviting emails, with cat or dog behaviour question. Dr Jo will answer them directly. Minimal work for you. Value add for your customers!

Event Q&As

Dr Jo will either come along to your event or you will host an event around a pet behaviour Q&A session. Pet owners especially love our 2hr Q&A sessions!

Written help

Dr Jo can write an article for readers of your newsletters or website or even a tailor-made book or ebook for your customers' specific needs. Dog or Cat Problems Solved!

Online suits...

Online Q&As will suit companies and organisations with many followers on their social networks.
For example:
- popular instagram members & accounts
- animal shelter with social media followers

Email Q&As suit...

Direct mail Q&As suit those companies with a large email subscriber list.
For example:
- internet sales businesses
- company club memberships
- animal shelter members

Event Q&As suit...

Face to face Q&As will suit companies and organisations who like to host events for pet owners
For example:
- local councils
- dog or cat event organisers

Articles & books suit...

Pet behaviour books and articles will suit companies and organisations who like to provide a unique gift to their clients or customers.
For example:
- pet stores
- local councils
_ petfood or pharmaceutical companies

Non-pet related businesses

You don't even need to be a pet business to benefit from pet behaviour Q&A sessions. Many of your clients at your non pet-related business are pet owners, who will love the opportunity to have their pet behaviour questions answered. Imagine how good they will feel about your business when you offer them this opportunity!

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