Do you take your pet to work? Or are you the boss and have not yet tried a pet-friendly workplace? Perhaps you need to read these 7 reasons pets in the office can boost productivity, thanks to Cole at Hook Agency…


7 Reasons Pets in The Office Can Boost Productivity

For millions of employees, pets are a huge part of their daily life. Outside of the office, we spend most of our time at home in the company of pets, and we know that there’s a laundry list of benefits associated with pet ownership.

But, should your pet be joining you in the office, as well? You may be surprised by the fact that pets in the office can boost productivity while creating a more pleasant work environment for everyone.

Everyone from a New York SEO services firm to tech giants like Google and Amazon is beginning to allow pets in the workplace. Read on as we discuss some of the most compelling reasons to have your pet beside your desk at work.

#1 Less Stress

It’s no secret that having a pet helps to reduce stress. So, it’s not much of a jump to expect our pets to be able to help us reduce stress while we’re at work, too.

Multiple studies have been conducted on a pet’s ability to reduce workplace-related stress, and the results suggest that dogs in the workplace have a profound effect on stress reduction.


#2 More Teamwork

If you’ve ever been in an office with a pet, you’ve probably noticed that the staff tends to rally around the animal.

Feeling stressed? Feeling happy? Just completed a task? Whatever the motivation to pet the office dog or cat, the fact is that the pet tends to bring team members together, which teaches the team valuable lessons on how to work together.

#3 Reduced Healthcare Costs

Not only are pets good for our mental health, but they’re also good for our physical health, too.

In a recent study, the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative concluded that pet owners save a total of $11.37 billion annually in doctor visits compared to non-pet owners. Those who walk their pets each day also show lower rates of obesity than those who don’t.

Allowing dogs in the workplace can contribute to lower healthcare costs at a company-wide level, which helps your office maintain healthier and more productive employees.


#4 Less Missed Time

Spinning off of our third reason for allowing pets in the office, less stress and lower healthcare costs also mean that employees will be missing less time at the office.

When your employees are present, they’re able to get work done, which makes for a considerably more productive office than one where employees regularly miss time because they’re sick or need a personal day.

#5 Better Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a critical component of maintaining a productive and engaged workforce. By having pets in the office, you’re also encouraging your employees to take the occasional moment for themselves.

This could mean taking the office dog for a walk, engaging in play time for a moment or two, or just taking a second to de-stress and pet the dog or cat.

The temporary respite that an office pet provides helps employees refocus their energy so they can return to their projects re-energized and ready to work.


#6 Better Interoffice Communication

Poor communication is a detriment to the workplace, and it can result in less productive employees, as well.

By having a pet in the office, it encourages members of the team who rarely interact together to come together around the pet. While it may seem small, these interactions help break down barriers in the workplace, and make it easy for your employees to communicate with each other.

Increased communication results in more productivity and a better office environment in general.

#7 Improved Morale

It’s no secret that a happy office is a productive office, so it stands to reason that the improved morale around the office when there’s a pet involved can translate to happier and more productive employees.

Countless studies have concluded that pets increase our general happiness and sense of wellbeing.

For the owner of the office dog or cat, having their pet around can also help them reduce the stresses that come with pet ownership. For example, they won’t have to worry about their pet tearing up the living room or worry about how they’re getting along with other pets at daycare.

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