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Doggy breath need not be unpleasant. With these tips from Sandie Lee at Pets Life World, improve your dog’s bad breath…

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5 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Bad Breath

Some days, there is nothing better than being welcomed home with a big wet kiss from your faithful dog. Other days, you can get a bit of a nasty shock at just how smelly their breath is. Bad dog breath can sneak up on us if we don’t take care to protect our pup’s oral health. Thankfully, there are some simple solutions that can help. Here are 5 ways to improve your dog’s bad breath.

1) Brush their teeth.

It is surprising just how many dog owner neglect this part of grooming. You can’t complain about the state of your dog’s breath if you don’t take the time to clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy. Regular brushing removes dirt, food and plaque, which in turn reduces the risk of odour-causing bacteria within the mouth. Learn how to do this in an effective manner so that your dog is healthier, but also happy to endure this process. This can take time if they aren’t used to being handled in this way.

A good mouth cleaning session also requires the right tools for the job. There are toothbrushes out there that are better suited to the shape of the dog’s mouth. It is also important to remember that they need their own, specialist doggy toothpaste. These products don’t have the harsh chemicals of our kinds of toothpaste. Many also have meaty tastes too. 

The Lazy Guide to Dog Training
Be sure to use the correct toothbrush for your dog!

2) Give them a dental chew toy.

Chewing is a great way for dogs to clean their own teeth and improve their oral health. They won’t even realise that that is what they are doing. There are lots of great chew toys that promote cleaner teeth. Some have dental products within to help freshen the dogs’ breath. Others rely on the chewing process and saliva production to reduce plaque build-ups. If you aren’t sure about some of these specialist chew toys, you can always give your dog a safe piece of hide or a bone to chew on. This is much more cost-effective and can make a difference.

3) Add a little mouthwash to their water bowl.

There really are all kinds of dog-friendly oral health products out there that we can take advantage of. We might overlook mouthwash as an option because there is no way our pups can gargle and spit like their human owners. Also, many human types of mouthwash are quite harsh. That is why brands have created a simple, ingestible dog-friendly version. All you have to do is add a little to a water bowl and let them drink. The active agents will freshen breath and reduce plaque – just like a normal mouthwash.

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 5 Ways to Improve Your Dog's Bad Breath

4) Consider a change in diet.

It isn’t just their water that can help with improved dog breath. Some cases of bad breath are made far worse by a bad diet. The ingredients in their food may not smell that great – especially if food gets stuck in their teeth. We also forget that kibble does more than just offer a nutritional, dry meal. The right pieces, at the right size, can help to dislodge dirt and plaque. Unhealthy teeth and gums may also be the result of a diet with too much sugar. A few changes can make a difference here. Some dog owners also advise adding parsley to a meal, or as an after-dinner treat. This is a simple, natural way to freshen breath.

5) Change their water and food bowls regularly.

Finally, there is the chance that the problem has been made worse by the bowl that your dog is using. Stainless steel bowls are a sturdy, hygienic way to serve up a tasty, nutritious meal. Plastic bowls scratch up and leach chemicals. Those scratches are also breeding grounds for bacteria. If you prefer to use plastic, make sure to replace the bowl when it gets too damaged and dirty.

 5 Ways to Improve Your Dog's Bad Breath

Make sure to try lots of different dog dental health solutions.

These 5 ways to improve your dog’s bad breath are all small ways that you can make a difference in your pet’s oral health. A combination of these options will improve your chances of eliminating that bad odour once and for all. Find products and methods that work for you and your pet. If you have concerns, or a problem gets worse, turn to your vet for professional, medical advice.

About the author:
Sandie Lee is a self-confessed “dog person” and wildlife lover. She has written many guides at to help our canine friends in need and, to a slightly lesser extent, their humans.

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