Every pet has health issues at times but prevention is always the best cure. Fore-knowledge is the best prevention and these most common health issues of Maltipoos, thanks to Troy Clements, will help keep you informed…


5 Most Common Maltipoo Health Issues 

The Maltipoo is one of the designer dog breeds that gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Maltipoo pups are adorable and these dogs have the ability to maintain their puppy look even as they age. They are friendly, playful, loving, don’t shed much, and are small enough to fit inside a bag. Thus, you can easily take your dog along no matter where you go.

But, like any other dog breed, the Maltipoo can be more prone to develop certain health problems. Every dog breed comes with this kind of risks. Only the health problems can differ from one dog breed to another. So, it is worth knowing these aspects before opting for a particular dog breed because they can translate into vet bills you will have to manage. Of course, it is not a general rule, but you need to be aware of the bad sides of owning a breed, not just the good sides.

In case you feel that you are indeed charmed by the Maltipoo and would like to have this dog as part of your family, do take a look at the 5 most common health issues of this dog breed.

5 Most Common Maltipoo Health Issues 

  1. Dental issues

Because Maltipoos are small dogs, they have tiny teeth, so the rate of decay can be faster than in the case of larger dog breeds. Besides this, many dog owners love spoiling their Maltipoos with wet dog food, due to the fact that their pooches adore eating food with gravy on top. But, wet dog food may lead, in time, to dental issues, so you should encourage your Maltipoo to consume dry kibbles or solid dog food. The habit of chewing will keep the dog’s teeth in great condition and health for as long as it is possible.

Also, it is highly recommended to have a proper dental hygiene routine established for your dog. Yes, the teeth may be small, but they still require proper hygiene rituals in order to stay healthy. To make things easier at this chapter, try getting your dog used to teeth brushing ever since it is a puppy.


2. The “White Shaker” syndrome

As the name of this health issues suggests, this is the kind of problem commonly met in dogs with white coats. Considering that the Maltipoo has the Maltese as a parent, which is a dog breed that comes exclusively with a white coat, there are chances for Maltipoo puppies to inherit this problem.

The condition is characterized by shakes and tremors, which manifest over the entire body of the dog. The genetic condition of the dog is not the only factor that can trigger the syndrome. Environmental factors can also lead to this issue. If a dog has the syndrome, the symptoms can emerge anywhere between 6 months of age and 3 years.

5 Most Common Maltipoo Health Issues 

3. Allergies

Cat behaviour problem

The best part about owning a Maltipoo is that it comes with a hypoallergenic coat. In other words, this dog barely sheds, so if you are prone to developing allergies related to dog hair, it won’t be an issue in this case. But, the Maltipoo itself can suffer from allergies, even if its owner is saved from this kind of problems.

The skin of the Maltipoo can be sensitive and may present allergic reactions to ingredients in its diet, dog care products like shampoos and coat sprays, and so on. Thus, it would be a good idea to check the dog’s skin each time you groom it. Look for redness, irritation, or crusts, which are the most common signs of an allergy.


4. Progressive retinal atrophy

This is an unfortunate health problem that will eventually lead to the loss of eyesight. The eyes of the dog will gradually degenerate until the dog will go blind. Usually, the condition can be determined before the dog goes blind, but, as any vet will tell you, there isn’t a cure for this illness at the moment. All you can do is make sure that the diet of your Maltipoo contains the right kind of vitamins and antioxidants that will promote a healthy retina.

5 Most Common Maltipoo Health Issues 

5. Collapsed trachea

A collapsed trachea can be a very upsetting condition both for the dog and the dog’s owner. This health issue can make the cartilage rings of the trachea to collapse inward, creating discomfort, pain, and breathing difficulties for the dog. Fortunately, you can prevent this healthy issue by taking good care of your Maltipoo. This means to use a harness instead of a collar, to have your dog periodically checked by the vet, to exercise it, and puppy-proof your house.

In spite of these potential problems, the Maltipoo can be the ideal dog for a good number of people. Bear in mind that every dog breed comes with its own set of health risks, so it is something you cannot avoid. Owning a dog can be very rewarding, but it is also a responsibility. As a dog owner, you can minimize risks by taking good care of your dog, starting with the moment you welcome it in your family.


About the author:
Troy Clements works as a Marketing Specialist for Premier Pups. He takes great pride in partnering with the best certified breeders in Ohio to offer the highest quality, cutest puppies for adoption. He looks forward to sharing his love for pets with people through the agency.


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