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Premier Pups Reviews reveals 14 curiosities about dogs for Pet Problems Solved

Our four-legged friends never cease to amaze us. Dogs are complex creatures whose behaviors and characteristics remain a mystery for the most part of people.

At Premier Pups Reviews, we have created a community of dog owners that share their love for dogs. From time to time, we enjoy researching dog behavior and temperaments.  Premier Pups Reviews is a division of Premier Pups that manages customer satisfaction and testimonials. We are glad to share with you some of the lesser known things about dogs.

  1. There are more than 150 dog breeds. Breeds are categorized into several classes which include sporting, non-sporting, herding, hound, terrier, toy, working, and miscellaneous.
  2. Regardless of their breed, all dogs are descendants of wolves and belong to the same species.
  3. A one-year-old pup is equivalent to a 15-year-old human in terms of physical development. It is also known that breeds age differently, large dogs aging faster than small dogs.
  4. Like kittens, puppies can be adopted after 8 weeks of age. Until then, they need to be in the company of their mothers and families
  5. Like toddlers, dogs understand about 250 words and gestures. They are as smart as 2-year-old toddlers.
  6. Dogs have a good sense of time. They know when it is time for their meals or for their daily activities. They sense how much time has passed, especially when their owners are gone. Studies showed that dogs responded differently to their owners who had left their homes for various lengths of time.
  7. Dogs’ whiskers help them to better pick up subtle changes in air currents and offer them information related to the characteristics of the things around them. This way, they can feel approaching dangers.
  8. Dogs’ sweat glands are located between their paw pads. That’s why specialists recommend wetting the bottom of their feet on hot days.
  9. Dogs’ sense of smell is 1000 times better than people’s. That’s why dogs can identify someone’s mood by smelling their perspiration when they become nervous or fearful. They are also able to detect specific diseases thanks to their ability to pick up subtle changes in people’s scent.
  10. Dogs have between 125 and 300 million scent glands while humans only have 5 million. That’s why it is very important that their food smells and tastes good. Their noses are wet because they are used to absorb scent chemicals.
  11. Dogs hear 4 times as far as humans. They can hear higher pitched sounds and detect a frequency range of 67 to 45.000 hertz, while the human range is from 64 to 23.000 hertz.
  12. Dogs love curling up because of their instinct to keep themselves warm and protect their vital organs while they sleep.
  13. Dogs that are being left pieces of clothing that smell like their owners are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety. The explanation consists of the fact that their owners’ scent comforts them.
  14. If you have ever wondered why puppies are so cute, you should know that dogs exhibit baby-like features including large eyes and a playful behavior into their adulthood that make them irresistible.
Are you curious to find out more about dogs? These 14 curiosities about dogs will give you lots more dog facts.

Now that you know more about our four-legged friends, you may better understand and value them and enjoy every moment you spend with them.

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About the author:
Troy works as a Marketing Executive for PremierPups and Premier Pups Reviews. He is passionate about animals and loves to help people find the right dogs for them. In addition to reading and writing about animals and psychology, Troy enjoys spending quality time with his beloved dog.

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