Has your pet helped you get a date?

Has your pet helped you find love?

Have you ever used to pet to get a date? Or even just to chat to the opposite sex (or the same sex, if that is your preference)?

It appears that this is now a common behaviour. People love pets so it follows that if you love your pet, other pet lovers will love you. At least they will trust you. You just have to be a caring, sharing kind of person if you walk your dog in the park, feed it, groom it and of course love and cherish it until death do you part.

Just look at politicians throughout history – all kiss babies and own a pet. In moveis, the bloke with the dog always wins the girl’s heart.

A recent study by pet food company Nestle Purina here in Australia showed that people are doing just this – using their pet to get a date or at least the attention of their desired partner.

mX article Man’s best wingman 17Oct11

So, admit it – have you ever used your pet to get someone else’s attention – walked your dog while the cute looking guy from up the street is walking his? Or just met a new friend through your pet? Do share 🙂

Dr Jo

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