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Dr Jo’s Blog… for pets & their people is now offering advertising. This will be at the discretion of the editors. Sponsorships and advertisements are placed on individual pages of your choice. Blog posts are shared regularly with social media.

Ad formats

  1. Sponsored post
    Your company can sponsor a page already existing on this blog or promote their own article by including a message within the text of a blog post. You may suggest the text or supply a graphic but the word #sponsor or #sponsorship must appear. Examples are below and on this page.
    You simply supply the text that you wish, the desired colour and suggest the page that you wish your message placed. Your message will be linked to your website. Ads should be 600 x 300 maximum.
    Cost of sponsored post is available from contacting us at

This is a sponsored message. Thanks for clicking through and supporting our sponsors.

2. Banner ads
Banner ads may be displayed at the middle or the bottom of any page on Dr Jo’s Blog about Pets & their People. Banners should be 728 x 90  and should be supplied by you. An example of a banner ad is below…
Please let us know the pages that you wish your banner ad to be placed.
Cost of banner ad placement can be obtained by contacting us at

1. Sponsorships are for one calendar year, from date of posting.
2. Only one advertisement will be placed per blog page. If another company has already sponsored a post, you may request being placed on the waiting list.
3. Sponsorships and advertising require a fee to be paid. This is a one-off payment. Please contact us at for more details.
3. You may like to supply your own article, with your advertisement accompanying this. Articles need to follow the guidelines given here. For an extra fee, Dr Jo Righetti can write the article for you. You will need to supply bullet points and the article needs to be aimed at helping the human-animal relationship. Please contact for more information.
4. At present advertising is only offered on Dr Jo’s Blog, not on the website Pet Problems Solved. If this is desired, please contact us.


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