Would you like to contribute?

Would you like to contribute to Dr Jo’s Blog about Pets and their People?

Contributions are now welcome. Please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  1. Overall, we are looking for personal accounts, unique viewpoints or expert research. Articles which are favoured include:
    • Articles which take the premise that pets are good for us.
    • Personal or unique viewpoints on pets.
    • Articles which interpret the latest scientific research on pets. (Students are welcome to submit articles.)
    • Personal articles about pets at work or travelling with pets.
    • Articles about pets and people e.g. lifestyle, exercise, home design around the pet.
    • News articles about pets.
    • Articles about pets other than cat and dogs.
    • Articles that list e.g. 5 best ways, 7 white cats.
    • Articles featuring pet photos and/or videos (you must have authority to publish these).

2. Articles which are not favoured include:

  • Expert articles (veterinary, health or caring for a pet) unless you are an expert e.g. vet
  • Behaviour articles, unless you have conducted the behavioural research yourself
  • Breed articles
  • Product articles
  • Infographics
  • ‘How to’ articles e.g. ‘how to groom your pet’, ‘how to find a dog trainer/sitter/groomer’, ‘travelling with pets’. (Please note that most submitted articles are rejected due to their being ‘how to’ focussed. If you are unsure, ask yourself, could this article be titled “how to….”? If yes, it will not be accepted.)
  • An article that has been published elsewhere.
  • Those with links to other websites (one link to your own site is acceptable in your bio).
  • Articles that are overt advertising material. (If you wish to submit a sponsored post, there is a charge for this. Please see sponsorship details.)

3. When you submit an article*, please include:

  • A title and an author name.
  • Approx 300-800 words.
  • Photos which include pets. If you do not, photos will be supplied within your article.
  • A one or two sentence bio about yourself and/or your organisation/company. A link to your website is acceptable (Please do not link to numerous places in the body of your article. If you wish to insert links, please see sponsorship page.)
  • A photo of yourself, if desired.
  • Suggested keywords, if desired.
  • You may submit an idea, rather than a finished article, if desired.

Please submit all articles to articles@petproblemsolved.com.au

*Please note that submission of an article does not equal automatic publication. Often articles will need to be revised by yourself or editors or, if deemed inappropriate, will not be published at all.

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