I’ve asked guest blogger Lauren of Loveable Paws and Claws to comment on what she considers the worst thing about pets to be. Do you agree with these?

What's the worst thing about pets? Blog post

 What could be the worst thing about having pets?

Pets can be quite amazing. Indeed, they are a man’s best friend – yes even a cat can be a man’s best friend. But, are they all that good?  Unless your cat or dog is well-trained, they can be quite troublesome little creatures. I don’t hate pets but as a pet owner myself, there are just some things that I wish would wouldn’t happen anymore. Don’t believe me yet? I’ll give you just some of the worst things about having a pet:

1.   Pets can get messy

Dogs and cats can get quite messy. Especially when they are not trained, they tend to poop and pee anywhere they would like to. Without proper training, dogs may defecate in random places inside the house. On the other hand, when cats are not trained, you’ll find already hardened feces around the house. You’ll just suddenly be surprised at what you might have stepped on or what that awful smell might be.

Pets can be messy: Is this the worst thing about having pets?

2.   Pets can break a LOT of your stuff

Imagine having a very expensive figurine collection… bring in a dog and what do you have??? Shattered glass, dreams, and figurines! Jokes aside, due to the fact that dogs do not know the weight of their actions, they tend to be quite rowdy when they are hyper. This is why training is important: to make sure your dog know what to do and what not to do.

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3.   Pets can get costly

Which brings us to our third one – owning pets can be costly. You have the monthly expense for their food, yearly trips to the veterinarian, hiring pet trainers, etc. All these will add up to your yearly expenses on top of all those that you already have. So unless you are not having any financial problems, then pets may be the best addition in your life.

Pets need your time: Is this the worst thing about having pets?

4.   Pets need time

A pet is not an object, it is a living breathing thing. Therefore, you cannot just leave a dog or a cat in your house once you have adopted him or her. There are plenty more things to having a pet than just adopting one and enjoying its company.

Just like us humans, dogs and cats feel good when they receive the time that they need. So your pet will feel closer to you, you have to spend a lot of time with him like cuddling, playing, etc. Spending time with your dog or cat will make him jump for joy! But due to our busy schedules, we cannot devote our entire life just on our pets.

In my case, I had to search for different recipes for homemade dog food for pitbull puppies because my pups had their specific diet recommended by our veterinarian. Afterwards, cooking and/or making the food took up most of my time during the day as well.

Pets need attention: Is this the worst thing about having pets?

5.   Pets need a lot of attention

Aside from the time that pets need, they also require quite a lot of attention. Just like time, pets need attention because they are living and breathing animals that do not survive on food alone. You need to let them know and make the feel how much you love them.

Depending on the breed of your dog or cat, pets may need different amounts of attention. But due to the demands of life (i.e. work or school), we may not have a lot of time to give our pets the attention that they need. Some dogs have separation anxiety which causes it to start barking loudly and exhibit unwanted behaviors —often within minutes after leaving it.

6.   If you have allergies, pets may not be the best option

If you have allergies or are asthmatic, pets may not be the best option for you. Although, it is said that if you have kids that are allergic to the pet dander, it may help in strengthening their health and overall immune system. This is because their bodies become used to the allergens and overcome it over time.

On the other hand, if you are an adult, this may not help in alleviating your situation. There is protein found in pet’s dander, saliva, skin flakes, and urine which can give allergies or worsen asthma symptoms in others. Also, pollen, mold spores, and other environmental allergens in our environment can accumulate in pet hair or pet fur.

Pets don't live long enough: Is this the worst thing about having pets?

7.   Pets only live for 15-20 years tops

In my opinion, the worst thing about having a pet is that they only live a certain length of a lifetime. Dogs and cats usually live for about 15-20 years, more or less. The bad thing about this is that, you have to instill in your mind and body that you will not have your best friend for the whole duration of your life, and someday you will have to let them go. Isn’t that terrible?


In the end, the decision lies in your hands. You have to weigh the pros and cons of having a pet and decide whether or not you should get one. Choose wisely and enjoy!

What the worst thing, for you, in having pets?

Author bio

Lauren Peralta is a young woman with a true passion for animals. She has kept many pets over the years and has intimate knowledge of their needs both emotionally and physically. She loves that her dogs keep her so active and satisfy her desire to spend lots of time in nature.


  1. The worst thing for me in having pets is when they grow old and die or they get this sickness that can’t be cured . They’re family so grieving over a loss of a pet is the worst.

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