working from home with pets

Aka… Death of a laptop

My work is based at home. While I travel all over the country and the city for various aspects of my work, the major part of my working week is spent on my computer, at home. Normally I have my laptop sitting on my lap, jostling for what is obviously a prime position with a cat. Sometimes two cats. (I have 4 cats but I have not yet had all 4 trying to get on my lap.)Then the dog decides that it is inappropriate for the cat to have my attention and she nudges or, due to a sleeping or stubbornly resistant cat, brutally forces her way onto my lap. Cat off, dog on. Laptop no chance. Work forgotten!

My lap is not that big. I don’t have room for 4 cats, a dog and a laptop. Perhaps that’s why my laptop finally gave up this week. My laptop checked out. Could not compete any longer and decided to check into the great laptop heaven in the sky – where presumably it does not have to compete with a menagerie for attention.

Now I sit at the desktop. I have no cat on my lap. Each one has entered the room, given me a passing glance and walked on through. I try not to feel offended. My dog sat at my feet for 2 minutes then decided the sofa was a much more comfortable option. At least I keep cool with no hot furry body on top of mine and no malodorous doggy breathe in my face.

Who am I kidding! Work is nowhere near as much fun. Time for a new laptop.

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