Who is Chilli? DNA breed detection

Who is Chilli?

Competition: Can you guess what sort of dog my dog Chilli is?

Chilli (in my suitcase!)

Well Chilli is my dog but…. I’ve never really known what kind of dog she is. A pound special. What do you think she is?

Chilli was rescued as a puppy, 3 years ago. From a tiny bundle of red fluff, she has grown to be a character-filled pooch with fluffy ears! It does not matter to me what she is. Whatever breed/s she is, she is much loved by her family & friends.

So why find out now? For pure interest sake, I thought is would be fun to find out what breeds make up Chilli’s unique DNA. For 3 years I have been watching her behaviour and her appearance and guessing what genes and temperament she has inherited. Time to find out… Chilli’s DNA has been sent off for breed profiling. Soon we will know the likely breeds that have made up her parents and grandparents. I will post the results at the start of November 2012.

What do you think Chilli is? The person closest to the 4 breeds that make up Chilli’s parentage, will win copies of my 3 ebooks (Barking Problems Solved, Dog Anxiety Problems Solved, Dog aggression Problems Solved).

For example she may be: Jack Russell x German Shepherd & Labrador x Border Terrier. Or she may be a pure breed crossed with a mixed breed: Australian Terrier x Australian Terrier & Dachshund x Whippet.

Here are some facts to help your guesses:

Build: Chilli is 16.5kg adult weight. She is small to medium size with legs short for her body. Her tail is medium size and can be held up and over her back.

Facial features: Ears are floppy but small enough to be perked up occasionally. They have fluffy tufts. She also has long-ish eyebrows and a bit of a beard.

Coat: Chilli’s coat is a rich red-brown with some darker brown-black hairs throughout. She has a few white hairs on her chest & stomach. Her coat is farly course with softer underhair. She sheds but not a lot and does not require clipping.

Temperament: Chilli loves her family (humans, cats). She is friendly with all other dogs, sometimes a little submissive. Chilli loves some people but can live without others. She tends not to like delivery men!

Behaviour: Chilli can run fast and enjoys retrieving a ball. She will play tug-of-war and enjoys squeaky toys. She will swim to fetch a toy/stick but does not enjoy swimming pools. She will play happily with most other dogs. She is active on walks. Her favourite pastime is to find a muddle puddle and roll in it!! She will also roll in possum poo!
Chilli barks loudly but not often. She will bark when someone comes ot the door.

Trainability: Chilli is very trainable and enjoys learning. She speaks on command and performs all the usual commands. Her recall is very good and she does not like to leave her owner’s side.

If you have any other questions, please ask. Here are a few more photos of Chilli to help you guess her genetic make-up. Competition closes at the end of October. I look forward to your entries. Remember to guess the 4 most likely breeds that make up Chilli. Please post your guesses in the comments box below… Jo

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Chilli likes to fetch
Chilli as a puppy
Chilli in mud
Chilli in mud
Relaxing on sofa
Dr Jo & Chilli


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  1. Jo… A Scotsman with an Italian heritage marries a Scots lady and has Aussie kids… What breed are they?… I think Chilli is gorgeous… Just like your kids… Irrespective of breed… For the record (and comp) Chilli is a Bitzer… Bitz of this and bitz of that… 🙂 but would be very interested in the official DNA results!!!

  2. Definitely got some rough coated jack russell plus maybe a bit of german shepherd and kelpie. Looking forward to finding out the truth!!!

  3. Hmm she could be Australian Terrier, Cavalier, Daschund & just to throw it completely out there maybe a bit of Sheltie in the mix

    It’s a long shot but you never know!

  4. Here’s a summary of all the breed guesses…

    Daschund Irish Terrier Wheaten Jack Russell
    Australian Terrier Cocker Spaniel Daschund English Staffordshire Terrier
    Border Terrier Australian Silky Terrier Righetti Terrier Cat/Ferret Herder
    Daschund Jack Russell Scottish Terrier Tenterfield Terrier
    Kelpie Australian Terrier Beagle German Shepherd
    Terrier Terrier Jack Russell Spaniel
    Australian Terrier Jack Russell Labrador Corgi
    Kelpie Border Terrier Daschund Jack Russell
    Staffie Staffie Terrier Terrier
    Jack Russell German Shepherd Kelpie Irish Wolfhound
    Airedale Border Terrier Jack Russell Cairn Terrier
    Australian Terrier Cavalier Daschund Sheltie
    Corgi Fox Terrier Cattle dog Rough Collie
    Australian Terrier Daschund Border Terrier Airedale
    Jack Russell Daschund Labrador Kelpie
    Jack Russell Daschund Manchester Terrier Border Terrier
    Corgi G Retriever Doberman Shi Tsu
    Lab Briard Pincher
    Corgi Pomeranian Maltese Lab
    Lab Corgi Poodle Pomeranian
    Lab Red heeler Collie Ridgeback
    Corgi Cattle dog Kelpie Labrador
    Kelpis Border Terrier Jack Russell
    Corgie Lab Rottie Kelpie
    Corgi Cattle dog Jack Russell German Shepherd
    Kelpie Corgi Beagle Golden R
    Corgi Kelpie Rottweiler Schnauzer
    Lab Cattle dog Schnauzer Shih Tsu
    Corgi Kelpie Satffy Maltese
    Corgi Lab Chihuahua Pomeranian
    Lab Cattle dog Staffy Chihuahua
    Lab Collie Poodle Rottweiler

    Results next!

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