Whispering… what’s the secret?

I am not a dog whisperer. Although many people like to refer to me in this way. I tend to take it as a compliment but then set the record straight. There is no whispering involved in what I do. in fact, I’m more likely to shout it out loud!

Dog, or cat, whispering implies a secret activity. Some magical powers that whisperers posses that enable them to converse in a hushed and secret language to pets.

Dog whisperer?

There are no secrets involved in what I do.  I have studied animals and continue to study the literature on pets and their behaviour. I have many years of experience of working with and living with animals. I do hope that I have some ability to understand animals and their behaviour but I believe this come with learning and experience. I teach people to understand their pet’s needs, to read their pet’s  body language and to explain their behaviour, including interactions with other species such as humans. In this way I hope I can create the best life possible for each of our animal companions.

Being a scientist, I would rather that the information I passed on was based on scientific studies, on tried and tested and published explanations on animal behaviour. Often, however, we don’t have all the answers and claims that myself and many other people make about pets may just be our own theories or simply “guesses” about why animals do what they do.

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Perhaps some pet owners would listen more closely if I marketed myself as a whisperer? Perhaps some people do really believe there are secrets to conversing with animals? Perhaps even psychic powers? Perhaps “pet whisperer” is less of a mouthful than “animal behaviourist”? What do you think of whispering?

Please note : I intend no disrespect to those who call themselves dog whisperers. It’s just not for me 🙂

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  1. I think the dog whisperer title is over used and too associated with a certain us trainer whos methods I find objectionable. I think there are a few people out there who are capable of getting inside and animals mind and seeing and hearing their thoughts. I think they are people who are more in touch with the earth and the old way of doing things. Old school farmers laugh at so much of the whisper comments as they have been working hand in hand with their dogs and horses for years.I think it takes a very intuitive person to be on the same wavelength as an animal

  2. Honestly, it’s a marketing tactic. That’s it. As Louise pointed out, the term has been “popularised” due to the success of a specific “whisperer”. Honestly, we all can be whisperers if we bothered to learn and put our egos to the side.

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