When the going gets tough: do pet owners get going?

I recently presented a talk at the Getting 2 Zero Summit 2017. G2Z is all about rehoming animals and keeping them in their homes. My talk took a slightly different view and looked at dedicated pet owners and what they do, to see if we can learn from them. When the going gets tough – do pet owners get going?

After all, none of us has a perfect life. Difficulties happen – we divorce, meet new partner, have children, move house, lose jobs and our relationships with our pets may be affected by these life changes. I survey pet owners about their lifestyle with their pets. The following slides will take you through how owners feel about their pets…

When the going gets tough – with introduction from Dr Anne Fawcett



You can read the paper here. Just enter the password G2Z.

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As always, we end our research with more questions that we started. For instance I ask how dedicated pet owners could help the less dedicated. So many questions! It’s a long journey getting to zero animals unwanted/euthanased but we are taking little steps in the right direction.

When the going gets tough: do pet owners get going?




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