What do you do to help animals?

Do you do anything to help animals?

helping animals

What do you do to help animals:

·         Do you take care of your pets at home?

·         Did you rescue an unwanted animal?

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·         Do you work with animals to help society understand them better or save lives?

·         Do you donate money occasionally to help an animal charitable cause?

These are all great and noble activities that help animals. What else could you do to help animals?

I help animals

I asked myself this question. I have so many pets at home, many of them rescues. They are cared for and loved by my whole family. I work with pets to help their people understand them. I help them solved any behavioural issues they may have with their pets. This is my work and my passion and I am lucky to be able to indulge myself everyday.

This is not enough. I need to reach out and help more. I cannot donate unlimited dollars, I cannot save any more rescues. What I can do is lend some of my precious time and some of my knowledge to help others who need help.

Delta Therapy Dogs

I am Chairperson of Delta Society Australia. Delta is a national not-for-profit organisation that helps animals help people. We do this through educating people on motivational method of dog training, children on dog bite prevention and we coordinate people and their pets to visit nursing homes and hospitals, our Delta Therapy Dogs.

These therapy dogs and their owners are special. Everyday they brighten up the lives of people in aged care facilities, in hospitals, in prisons and in schools. They do it with a paw, a wag of a tail and perhaps the promise of a treat. They ask for nothing more. Their people accompany them, ensure they are well behaved and get so much joy from the reaction of people greeting their dogs. They ask for nothing more.

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Delta is run by so many dedicated people who love what we do and want to let the world know the good work that our dogs do. We also want to expand our therapy in hospitals. Our dogs have helped children learn to walk again. Our dogs have helped people reach out their hand after a stroke. To the families that care for their loved ones in hospital, our dogs perform miracles.

Delta therapy dog Chausette
Delta therapy dog Chausette

Delta need help

To train our dogs and to coordinate visits between patients, therapists and our dogs, we need help. We need cash, of course (doesn’t every non-profit group?).We also need help in marketing, advertising and public relations. We need help in volunteer management and in fundraising and sponsorship.

In return for help we can offer exposure to organisations and companies to promote their brand and be seen to be helping such a good cause. To individuals who choose to volunteer their help or their money, no matter how little, we can offer an experience you will never forget. You can accompany your chosen dog on one of his visits, you can learn how much he is appreciated by the people she meets.  You will be rewarded by knowing that you are helping people and pets in our community. We thank you.

You can read more about Delta Therapy Dogs here and about volunteering, donating or sponsoring.

You can find out more about Delta Society Australia here.

 lending a helping paw

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