Welcome home

“Life’s good. Mum’s home!”

Travel tip: When packing suitcase for your trip, remember to remove your pet!

Is this what my dog is thinking as I return home after a 3 week overseas trip? Or it is just my wishful thinking? What do your pets do when they meet you again after being separated?

I returned home and as I opened the door my dog raced out to meet me, jumped up, wagged her tail furiously, did a mad (typical Terrier mad moment!) dash around my front lawn and leapt up 3 steps and onto me again. Pure and utter expression of joy!

Moving through the house I enountered my 4 cats, one by one, each doing what cats do. My oldest boy Clyde (18yrs) stayed asleep on the sofa. At least he had the courtesy to open one eye. Mew did her smooch rub against me, as she does every day. Ginger stayed hidden until evening, again his normal behaviour. My big Maine Coon boy, Leo, leaped up on the benchtops where his food bowls sat, meowed, demanding to be fed. The cats may have been excited to see me but they sure keep that excitement under control compared to Chilli dog.

As the day progressed, however, the cats began to cling a little more. All 4 tried to sit on my lap and the dog protested that the cats were getting too much attention. Ah – life was back to normal.

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What are your experiences of returning home after a break? Did your pets give you the cold shoulder or become super-excited?

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  1. You havnt been missed in our household unless you receive “excitement wee” from our girl. Always a pleasure.

    Welcome home Jo !

  2. i think our cats miss us more than the dog, they both come running to the front door no matter how long we have been gone, we have to be carefull oprning the door, a number of times they have been caught between the door and the wall

  3. I have 3 big dogs who get so excited to see me when i come home! My border collie just barks, my lab asks for food and jumps up and my ridgeback whips you with her tail… Add them all together… Its overwhelming. But im just about as excited to see them as they are to see me… 😀

  4. Freddy cat always meets me at the door when I get home. He’s the only cat that’s ever done it, and I love it.

  5. …omgoodness, there is lots of yips & wiggles, squeals & excited wees and that is just from me!

  6. My dog sings when she’s exited, so I walk in the door & I have my very own theme song!

  7. Jobies use to wait at the door (he always knew i was driving up from melb to bendigo even when i didnt tell mum i was coming). His entire body would be wagging, not just his tail, and he would bounce up and down crying with joy. I could almost hear him saying ‘mummy!!!!!’ u r home. Oh joy my mummy my mummy’

  8. welcomed home with bum wiggles from the 2 doggies- noses almost touching their tails and the cat will pull himself off his tower to come and say hi with a ‘meoowww welcome home’ – no better feeling than a warm furry welcome home! ;D

  9. My two look out the window from I leave till I come home again, and they go off their face with excitement. They do not settle till we are all home safe and sound, and we LOVE IT, xxx

  10. He jumps up and down, pulling at my scarf and my work pants. Usually takes him 5 minutes to settle down, lol.

  11. my 3 cats: Trezh runs to the door to sniff my hand and head-butt my legs; Fern is usually busy, but gives me a good sniff and smoochy nose-rub when she gets round to it; Rosy does her tiny squeaky mew and flirts her flooffy tail at me.

  12. I forgot to mention…My cat Midnite gives me a pr pr and walks to the cupboard and my kitten Gypsy just meowwwws because she wants to be fed (she loves her food).

  13. My Maltese x Shih Tzu Phoebe, dances to the bottom stairs then races us up to the top where she wags her tail & we say “have a chat Phoebe, tell us what you got up to” & she chats pushing her head upwards and looks down. We make a song & dance with her when we return (even though all the advice says we shouldn’t, because if she’s been up to mischief just before we return, she may think making a fuss of her is rewarding her for her last action whilst we were out…provided it was a bad action that is).

  14. Nutmeg is always at the door to greet us (cat) and as she doesn’t meow it’s always with one of her little grumble noises she makes, like she’s telling us the story of her day 🙂 Melts my heart every day 🙂

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