Are you planning a wedding? And are you planning to have your dog at your wedding? Well, these tips from our guest blogger Linda Halabi, for including your dog in your wedding photos is sure to please every bride and groom… Dr Jo (wishing I could get married again!!)

How to incude your dog in your wedding photos

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Planning a wedding and want to make sure your dog is part of your special day? Including your dog in your wedding photos is a great way to capture them along with all of your beautiful memories. He’s a member of the family too, after all!

With a little planning and forethought, your fluffy family member can help make your wedding photos even more special. Think ahead about where you would like your dog (or dogs!) during the ceremony, reception, and other parts of the wedding. It may be helpful to arrange for a designated sitter that can help throughout the day and make sure your dog is fed and taken care of. Let your photographer get to know your furry friend a little and talk to them about the kind of photos you envision.

Here are a few ideas to get you started with some great ways to include your dog in your wedding photos:

Dress them Up

For such a special day even your dog should be looking their best. Make sure they are groomed and dress them up in a way that they are comfortable with. If your dog is not a fan of costumes try a simple flower garland for a girl or a bow tie for a boy.

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Take a Walk Down the Aisle

Having your dog walk down the aisle can be a wonderful photo op. Arrange for them to walk with the flower girl, ring bearer, or other family member. Be sure to include this in the ceremony planning and rehearsal to try it out and make sure it works for everyone. You might want to have some treats on hand for your furry friend in case they get distracted!

How to incude your dog in your wedding photos

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Make Them Part of the Decor

If your furry friend will put up with it, a hanging sign around the neck is an adorable touch to the wedding itself and is a great addition to photos. Some ideas for signs include “Here Comes the Bride”, “Just Married”, “Love”, or the date of the wedding.

How to incude your dog in your wedding photos

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Include Them in Bride and Groom Photos

Take a few photos of the three of you! Have your photographer try different angles and variations. Classic shots with the three of you in focus are always a good option. Artistic shots with your dog in the foreground as the subject of focus, with the couple in the background can be beautiful as well.

How to incude your dog in your wedding photos

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Include Them in Wedding Party Photos

If it’s a boy, dress him in a tux and have him pose with the groom and groomsmen. If it’s a girl, put flowers around her neck and have her pose with the bride and bridesmaids. Having your dog pose with all the children in the wedding party can be really fun too!

How to incude your dog in your wedding photos

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Hopefully these ideas will help you get some beautiful photos with your dog at your wedding. If you want more tips on memorable wedding photography, this post by leading digital picture frame provider, Nixplay, may be helpful as well.



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Linda Halabi is a creative writer and photographer who currently writes content on behalf of the digital photo frame experts at Nixplay. An avid traveler and culture enthusiast, she loves to fit in adventures whenever possible. When not working, you can find her exploring the outdoors, doing yoga, cooking healthy vegetarian food, and enjoying a glass of wine with friends. Find her on LinkedIn.



  1. I am a dog owner now but never had dogs when I was married years ago so this topic of involving pets in my wedding photos has never crossed my mind. How adorable though! Wish I could have had my dogs in my wedding pics but I guess it’s not too late, I can still include the dogs in family pics 🙂 I enjoyed this post. Thanks x

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