Did you cuddle an UberPuppy?


UberPUPPIES in the city
UberPUPPIES in the city


The day that #UberPUPPIES came to town was a biggie! If you had a snuggle with an UberPuppy, you were definitely one of the lucky ones. Even if you didn’t manage a precious snuggle, you probably heard all the hype.


UberPUPPIES trends

UberPUPPIES came to town last Thursday. In fact they came to 8 cities across Australia. Uber paired with Purina Australia to bring puppies in need of homes from animal shelters around the country to your city office. Workplaces paid a small fee which was matched by Uber and donated to the shelter.

The Uber app ran hot. It seemed that everyone wanted a puppy!

Jo with Rove & Sam
Dr Jo with Rove & Sam at 2DayFM

Rove & UberPUPPIES

I had the enviable task of taking puppies from Animal Welfare League NSW around the City of Sydney. All morning it was media visits, followed by office visits in the afternoon. On a very hot day, the puppies were kept in air conditioned comfort, given plenty of rests and lots of food and water. Cuddles were unlimited and plentiful. I have to say that this was one of my favourite days of work…ever. To see the smiles on peoples’ faces as we walked into offices with pups. Who doesn’t love a puppy?!

UberPUPPIES with police escort :)
UberPUPPIES with police escort 🙂

We finished by visiting the NSW Premier’s office (yes,everyone wants to cuddle a puppy!). What a day for the pups. I am sure a few will find homes but, of course, there are always many more looking for homes. So check out an animal shelter near you.

Dr Jo & NSW Premier Mike Baird


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