Have you ever considered traveling on a bus with pets? Are you allowed to, where you live? Hannah Hansen has some tips for us on traveling safely on a bus with pets in just a few steps…

Traveling Safely on a Bus with Pets in Just a Few Steps

Many people are looking for ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprints. For that reason, many are opting to travel by bus. Of course, buses are great for their low prices and the stops you will make at key landmarks along the way. The only disappointment with bus travel is that you may find it inconvenient to travel with your pet. So what do you do to ensure your journey by bus is not just convenient but also enjoyable?  With a few steps planning ahead, you should avoid pet-related problems traveling with your pet.

Make Sure You Can Travel With Your Pet
Don’t overlook the fact that the bus may not be allowing pets aboard. Call them in advance to find out just that. It would be foolhardy to assume that all bus lines have no problems allowing pets on board. The few that allow pets have special rules and procedures you must observe when boarding with your pet. So ensure you inquire ahead of time to know what to expect.

Traveling Safely on a Bus with Pets in Just a Few Steps
A pet’s view of bus passengers (bus travel can be scary for your pet)

Prepare For A Frightened Pet
Different pets have obvious differences in demeanour and you must take into account how unique your animal is. It doesn’t really matter what requirements the bus company has. You may want to take precaution and do much more than putting the pet on a leash. Pet carriers are popular options. If pet gets frightened often by strangers, movement, or confined spaces, practicing some time in the carrier may be a good idea.

Have Food, Treats, Toys or All 3 On Hand
You get food and treats when you travel, why shouldn’t your pet? Easy access is key. Ensure you have everything you need to make your pet happy ready in your pockets. If you are carrying the pet in a carrier, you should keep their food and all the toys in its small space. After all, you don’t want your pet to go crazy in the carrier or leash, simply because they are hungry.

Traveling Safely on a Bus with Pets in Just a Few Steps

Carry Necessary Papers
Nothing scares people like a bite from rabid a dog. Ensure you have your pet vaccinated but most importantly, carry the vaccination certificate with you. After all, the bus company would want to know they are handling a safe animal, especially when crossing state or international borders.

Ask Permission
If you will be sitting next to people on the bus, ask for permission. Some people don’t like pets or have allergies. Who wants to sit next to someone who can’t stand the sight of a dog or one who is allergic to fur? A simple asking for permission can foster goodwill that will remain for the whole bus ride.  In the end, you will come out as not just a good pet owner, but one who cares about the needs of others.

Traveling Safely on a Bus with Pets in Just a Few Steps
Keep cats safe by enclosing them in a cat carry case

Keep Your Distance (If Possible)
You have tried everything so far to ensure your pet isn’t harmful to other passengers on the bus. Pick the furthest seat at the back of the bus to avoid causing disturbance to other passengers getting on and off the bus. If your dog tends to bark at passengers, this is something you should do without hesitation.

Traveling with pets on a bus shouldn’t be such a hassle. Follow these steps and you will never go wrong.


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