Top ten pets for kids

Kids and pets go together. I am often asked what pets people should buy for their kids. Here’s my top ten (in no particular order). Remember that every pet needs care and every parent needs to be prepared to deliver ALL of that care.

  1. Hermit crabs – great pets for kids to set up and watch in their bedrooms. All you need is a tank, water, shells and food (from pet stores).Watch them change shells.
  2. Goldfish –again, a tank, hiding spots and fish food is all you need. Once kids get the hang of this you can move on to tropical or even marine tanks.

Goldfish can make great pets for children

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – great indoor, gentle (relatively) playmate for children. Will be their best friend.

4. Ferret – for the older child, an energetic powerhouse of activity who can sleep in their cage while kids are at school. Check Australian State laws.

Ferrets can make great pets for children

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5. Ragdoll cat – great for quieter kids who like to have something to cuddle and sit on their lap.

6. Budgie – fun teaching to speak and great all round companion

Budgies can make great pets for children

7. Labrador – for families who want a larger dog who blends in with their lifestyle.

8. Chicken (or duck) – can be tamed, even brought indoors but best keep more than one

Can a duck make a good pet?

9. Mice – great to watch them interact (get the same sex) and can be handled gently. Can try a rat too(not in same cage as mice, however).

10.Moggie – cats make great companions for all ages and playful kids and kittens are made for each other.

Do you have a pet that you would add to this list?

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And, in case you are wondering, yes I do have kids and pets myself. In fact, I’ve owned all of the animals, mentioned here (although not the particular breeds mentioned). My kids love their pets and, as a parent, it is a joy to watch their interactions even though I do most of the work!  More on kids ‘n’ pets here.

Kids and pets go together
Kids and pets go together

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  1. We have 2 Inland Bearded Dragons, and as long as you don’t mind a few escaped crickets roaming the house (escapees whilst feeding) have found them to be excellent pets for the kids…

  2. I used to have rats! They were the best ever! I had them in the same cage and they were excellent together, so i don’t understand why you said not too..

  3. I previously owned mice. You can make a good profit from them having babies because they reproduce fairly quickly. Excellent pets Ive never been bitten though. Their cage gets dirty really fast so you clean the cage quite often but other than that they are excellent.

  4. We have guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and aquarium which all perfect buddies and learning pets for all children here. The turtle actually is their favorite.

  5. I would add Maine Coon cats as being great pets for kids after having owned one for two years. Our Leo is beautifully natured and let our 9yr old carry him around in his arms like a baby! Couldn’t ask for a better pet!

  6. Without a doubt Cavoodle’s (a cross breed between a cavalier and a minature poodle) have gone in as my number one family pet recommendation. A gentler dog I have not met. All the love of a cavalier with less of the heart disease (hopefully).

    1. The problem with Cavalier x Poodles is that you’re more likely dealing with poor breeding practices and zero ethics so if the Cavalier used for breeding isn’t heart cleared for MVD (and they usually aren’t!), and not tested for Hip Displasia.. or the poodle isn’t tested for PRA (degenerative eye disease).. you increase your chances of getting a puppy with even MORE health problems than an ethically bred, registered predigreed puppy of either breed.

  7. Rescue dogs are the best pes anyone could ask for. They are sweet, well mannered and are people dogs, always impressing! If your going to buy a dog find your local shelter or rescue centre because these dogs need homes and are usually wormed, microchipped, behaviour check and so on so forth. Pleas, please look at these dogs before you buy a pet shop pet, go for the better option!

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