The world is a crazy place, and the laws can be even crazier, especially when it comes to pets. There are animal laws around the country in place for many reasons, like safety. However, there are some pet laws that are completely off the wall, like these ones, thanks to Anna from Dogsaholic …

Top 10 Most Insane Pet Laws Around the World


1. Animal Naming
In Australia, you cannot name your pet if you plan to eat it eventually. You can only name a pet, if you plan to keep it as part of your family. This can be due to the bonding process. Giving an animal, like a dog, a name, means you see it as a living, breathing animal that you treat with love and take care of, like a child. If you name it and plan on eating it, you may have a harder time, as you have given this animal a name and a life.

2. Animal Sex
In California, animals cannot lawfully mate within 500 yards of a school or church. The law was put in place to prevent children and those at the church from seeing sexual behavior from animals. However, the animals do not know it is a law, so how can they abide by it?

Top 10 Most Insane Pet Laws Around the World

3. Dog Barking
In Arkansas, dogs are not legally allowed to bark after 6 PM. The only way this law could be enforced is if a dog is consistently barking at night while outdoors. A neighbor can phone the police and report the incident, which could end up in a fine for the dog owner. So, if you have to let your dog out at night, consider a muzzle. You can find the dog muzzle requirements so you can be informed about them.

4. Cat Leashes
Cats can be taken onto the street by their owners if they wear a leash in Lorinc, Hungary. This is so that your cat stays with you and doesn’t take off if it sees a bird or other animals that catches its attention. This can then start animal fights, where a pet can die. This is also so that your cat doesn’t hurt anyone who may be walking around town, especially smaller children, who get excited about animals and want to pet or hug them. This will keep your cat near you in case it gets scared being around town with a lot of people as well.

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Top 10 Most Insane Pet Laws Around the World

  1. Pig Names

In France, a pig owner cannot legally name their pig Napoleon. This is done out of respect for Napoleon Bonaparte and the fact that he is held in high regard, whereas pigs are considered dirty and slovenly. Napoleon Bonapart was a military man who became Emperor and took the French Armies to war. He was defeated in 1814 and 1815, and then was put into custody by the British on St. Helena. The law was put into place to keep the Napoleon name clean as the real Napoleon fought for his country bravely.

6. Pick Up the Poop
The limits of Reykjavik Island had laws that the pet owner needs to pick up after their dog does it’s business outdoors. However, these laws did not work, as the island was full of animal poop and nobody was taking care of the mess. Now, you cannot legally walk your dog within the limits of this island and must go outside of the area to give your dog some exercise. This is what happens when people do not listen to the laws already on the books, the town will vote to make life a little harder for animals.

Top 10 Most Insane Pet Laws Around the World

  1. Pet Companions

This law might be a little insane but it is very adorable and actually pretty positive. In the country of Switzerland, pets will never be alone! The country has adopted a law that says a pet owner must provide a companion for their pet. While this is mostly for dogs and cats, it can go for other animals, too. This helps with your dog’s anxiety about you leaving for work, and then tearing the house up. Instead, they can have a companion who is there for them, and can provide hours of entertainment, so you don’t have to worry about your pet!


  1. Whale Hunting

In the state of Utah, which is completely locked in by land all around the state, you cannot legally hunt whales. Whales are not native at all to this state and actually, the state never had whales until 1875, when a man brought one to the Great Salt Lake to make money. While the state does have lawful hunting of other animals, you can’t hunt a whale, and if you did try, the whale is probably inside of an aquarium or at a safe place that would be hard to get access to.

Top 10 Most Insane Pet Laws Around the World

  1. Bear Wrestling and More

The state of Alabama does not lawfully allow bear wrestling, of any kind. Not only is this practice not safe, but it is incredibly insane to do. The law also states that not only can you not fight a bear, but you cannot employ a bear for any type of wrestling match, nor promote any bear wrestling matches that are happening. Also in Alabama, you cannot even own, sell, trade, or train a bear to wrestle in any manner.


  1. One Dog Only

The country of China allows one dog per family. This can be difficult as some people love to have animals in their home. The law also states that the dog has to be under 14 inches tall, which will limit the breed of dog you can have. So, you cannot have a Doberman, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, or any of the big dogs that are allowed elsewhere in the world.


We hope you have found this list interested and informative. Now that you know the crazy laws, you should look up some in your country or state so you can be informed of even the slightest ridiculous laws when it comes to animals or just in general!

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  1. Here are a few more crazy animal laws from around the world…

    – In Illinois, you can’t legally serve whisky to a dog, give it a lighted cigar or take your French poodle to the opera.
    – In Tennessee, state law says you can catch fish with a rod, reel, hook or trotline, but spearing, wrestling and using mind control is forbidden.
    – In West Virginia, it’s perfectly legal to take roadkill home for dinner. In fact, the Department of Transportation road clean-up crew appreciates the help.
    – In Virginia, roadkill takeout also is fine, but there’s no hunting on Sundays, except for raccoons. They can be hunted any old day of the week.
    – It’s a misdemeanor in California to shoot an animal from a moving vehicle, and it becomes a federal case if you shoot a whale or other marine mammal.
    – In Kentucky, if you dye chicks, ducks or bunnies for Easter, you must sell them in groups of six, nothing less.
    If you have an urge to take a moose on a plane and then push it out during the flight, know that it’s illegal in Alaska.
    – North Dakota says you can’t keep a skunk as a pet, which all in all is an excellent law.
    -In Oklahoma lawmakers there have made it illegal to bring a fish in a fish bowl onto a public bus!

    Originally compiled by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

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