Tidy Cats: Cat Litter by Purina, product launch and review

Don’t you love a day at work when you get to cuddle kittens and wear cat ears? I do!

TIdy Cats litter launch


I’m always on the lookout for products and routines that ease the routine of cleaning the cat litter tray. It’s a job that no one likes to do! Cat toileting problems are definitely the number one issue with cats. And while health issues and stress often play a part in why your cat does not use their litter box, it is often the litter that causes issues.

Is it possible to get excited about a cat litter? Lol. Well, if it is, I am excited about the launch of Purina’s new cat litter Tidy Cats. Here’s the launch video, where I answered questions about cat toileting…

OK, so cat toilet habits will never be a sexy topic!

But give Tidy Cats a go. It is easy to use, clumps really well, does not smell. If it has a negative, for me, it is that cats tend to track it across the floor a little when they exit the tray. I put a towel or mat underneath to gather this – problem solved.

Tidy Cats Litter Purina

Read more here about Tidy Cats.

And here’s some more fun photos of our launch, complete with kittens!

Tidy Cats litter review

More about cat toileting problems here.

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TIdy Cats launch

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