Ticks affect humans too

Ticks affect humans too
Paralysis tick affect humans too. I know. I am recovering from a tick bite.
The palms of my hand were itchy and swollen. Two minutes later I was numb and deaf in my left ear. Then hives started appearing all over my body. Within 15 mins my eye had swollen and my lips were beginning to swell. I took an antihistamine and went off to hospital.

I found the tick on the back of my head on the way to hospital. it was barely engorged so could not have been there for long.

Luckily I did not go into anaphylactic shock. The tick had not made me paralysed, although if undetected, this can happen, with children especially. I had an allergic reaction to the tick toxin.

I was left feeling weak, partly due to the sleep-inducing antihistamine, partly due to the effects of one tiny blood-sucking parasite. Not only do I now need to be careful for Leo and my other pets in my garden but I also need to careful for myself. There isn’t a top spot treatement for humans!

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Image via http://medent.usyd.edu.au/fact/ticks.htm
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