The worst thing about dogs… (name your pet peeve)


I love dogs. It is hard not to love them. They offer companionship, protection, fun, exercise, health benefits, help me make friends. What’s not to love?


Here are some of the most common, yet annoying, things that people complain about with dogs…

  1. Dogs who bite. Obviously this is a problem for dog owners and for society. It is also a problem for those people who have been bitten or threatened in the past and now cannot enjoy the companionship of canines.
  2. Housetraining. Sometimes dogs pee and poo indoors. It may be when they are young, when they are old or just when it rains. Whatever the reason it is one of the most common causes of frustration for dog owners.
  3. Noise. Some dogs bark a lot. Some neighbours have dogs that bark a lot. Other dogs howl. This is the most common source of stress in our neighbourhoods.
  4. Eating the wrong things
  5. Rolling in dead things

Are these the most common problems with dogs? Or do you suffer more from dogs who jump up, dogs who dig, dogs who pull washing off the line, dogs who sniff crotches, dogs who pull on the lead. Share with us your most common pet peeve about dogs.

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