The ways that pets embarrass us

Has your pet ever embarrassed you?

embarrassing pets

Sharing your life with any other living creature gives potential for embarrassment. None of us can completely control what any other living, breathing individual will do. And our pets seem spectacularly good at playing the role of embarrassment-maker. Here are some of the cheeky pets that I’ve encountered…

  1. Charlie the cheeky parrot who talked a lot and his favourite saying was “Silly bugger!” Fine at home with the family but not so good when the local minister came calling.
  2. Milo the terrier aka Milo the Humper. Milo humped everything including cushions, beds, legs of friends. Milo’s owner was over 80 years old and was exceedingly embarrassed by what she perceived to be Milo’s sexual habits.
  3. Sheba the noisy kitty would escape out of her owner’s home almost every night and get into a cat fight, waking her neighbour’s children. Once or twice, yes, it happens. But almost every night?
  4. Toby the Chocolate Labrador whose copraphagy habit was creating a social suicide situation for his owner at the park. Toby would eat the faeces of any animal he could find, even those dogs he played with.

5. Sally the crotch sniffer. Say no more. Sally was a Doberman, just the right height.
6. Elvis the sleek black pussycat who peed in guests shoes and handbags. Gave new meaning to ‘Elvis the Pelvis’.
7. Happy Harry the larrikin Labrador (yes Labrador’s feature regularly on this list!). Harry just loved people so much that he jumped on everyone; especially when he was in the park; especially when he was in full flight! Harry had knocked over a lady who had just undergone knee replacement surgery. Oops!
8. Sunny the Burmese who had a fetish for underwear. Great but it didn’t belong to his family. He would sneak around the neighbourhood, stealing clothing from the washing lines. Imagine confronting your neighbour’s bloomers? Moral dilemma – do you give them back?

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I reserve the right to save the last two on this list for my pets. Yes, why should the so-called animal expert have perfectly behaved pets?

  1. Cherry the Dalmatian who simply loved food. Would never steal it when mum was there but turn my back and… One time during a cocktail party when I had just served the whole round of Brie and turned away to fetch the crackers, shouts of laughter burst out. There was Cherry disappearing out the door with the entire cheese in her mouth. (Moral dilemma – do you rescue and serve the cheese?)
  2. Leo the lion, sorry Maine Coon. Leo’s cable radar has led him to find (when hidden) and chew his way through 3 ipod cables and 6 phone charger cables. Also 2 sets of guests cables too. Not just one bite. He entirely shreds them! J

Do you have an embarrassing pet story? Or are you too embarrassed to share it?

can't believe the things pets eat!

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Can’t believe the things pets eat

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  1. My daughter used to have a cat called Lucky, who used to “hump” cushions, specially when her teenage daughter and her friends were there. They found that very embarrassing. It seems that he wasn’t getting lucky after all, if he had to do that!

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