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How much does your pet cost you? Scared to work it out? And just how much would you be willing to spend should your pet need special care?

Recent reports in the news have commented on just how much pet owners will spend on their pets:

  • Cat lover pays $7000 to remove a tumour form their cat’s head (read)
  • Brisbane couple spent over $100,000 on their dogs (read)
  • Pet owners hounded by veterinary fees (Miranda Devine article)

If you love your pet then chances are you will spend whatever you can. Most other pet owners will approve. What happens when you talk to non-pet lovers?

“Are you mad?!” they shriek. “All these starving kids in the world….”

Just because you love your pet does not mean you will not fund charitable work elsewhere. In fact pet lovers are more empathic with people in general. Chances are they are helping feed people in poverty.

Choosing to spend money on your pet’s medical care can raise all sorts of moral and ethical dilemmas. How much is too much? Chemotherapy may cost $4000 per session and you may need 6 sessions. Can you afford it?

It is not easy to decide to end your pet’s life. To make that decision based on your finances can be especially guilt-provoking. What if your partner does not want to? Perhaps this is a deal breaker we should discuss prior to acquiring a pet (but most of us would hate to picture this dilemma).

The easiest way to make this decision I have found after having clients face this, is to consider the quality of life of your pet. Do they have many years left to live their life? Will they face years of discomfort or even pain?

One thing is certain – the joy your pet gives you can never be measured in financial terms.


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  1. Within the past 12 months, we’ve lost our two beloved Dalmatians. Tansy was in her 18th year and had been needing a lot of veterinary support to maintain her during her last few years, but we supplied it gladly.

    Poppy was much younger, couldn’t be sure of her actual age because she had been a rescue dog, but she was around 10 – 12. Tansy had been the rock in her life and after she died Poppy deteriorated rapidly, to the point where in the end she wouldn’t even leave her bed. She didn’t even seem to recognize us any more. She was put to sleep on her bed by the vet who came to our house.

    Together those two dogs must have cost us $10 in their final years but it was worth every cent and we would do it again.

  2. Wow!…wouldn’t it be amazing to be a celebrity like that. So much talent and probably loads of cash, too!

  3. I have an allergic dog ie special food, frequent vet. visits. When people ask me why i don’t put him down, I usally reply “The day he is as expensive as my husband I’ll consider to think about it” As long as the dog lives a fairly good life i can save on other expenses that are of minor importance

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