life's a circus

Life’s a circus and I’m the juggler.

Ever wonder what you’d do if you didn’t have pets? And if you also have two legged little creatures, how would it be if they weren’t around? I’ve found myself wondering just that over these summer holidays as I juggle work and life (never a balance).

Who’s going where with who? – seems to be the never ending topic. Who needs picked up? Who’s got time to take the dog for a walk? Has anyone remembered to make that appointment to get the cats vaccinated? What do you mean our youngest child has to come to work with me?!

Then you have an evening when the cats are all asleep, eldest son has taken dog for a walk, younger sons staying with friends. The house is peaceful – and… it’s boring! Bring back the chaos. Bring back the noise.

So while I complain about trying to fit everything in and give everyone enough attention – and who’s giving me attention, I wouldn’t swap it. Just got to perfect that juggling 🙂

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  1. @JoanneRighetti How do I discourage the neighbourhood cats from pooping in my front garden??!

      1. @JoanneRighetti Our dog is in the backyard, the cats poop in the front – smart cats! ;o) I’ll try the citrus skins. Thanks!

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