Relax… like your pet

Chilli at beach

Today I walked my dog at the beach. She was loving it, chasing sticks into the water. Swimming, running, digging. Pure doggy pleasure.

The day was warm (for late winter) and there was a cool breeze. To watch Chilli dig a hole in the sand, lie in it with her favourite stick in her mouth and utter a sigh of relaxation, as the breeze whisked through her floppy, long-haired ears – made me think… the best things in life are free. Especially if you are a dog.

Beach relaxation

Then I thought, well I’m really not much different. Give me a towel on a beach, wind through my hair and a cocktail in my mouth and well… I’m happy too!!

Pets give us that reality check. Slow down. Take time to feel the heat of the sun, the warmth of the breeze. Chill out.

My cat Ginger is an expert at ‘chilling’, especially if you put a blanket on your knee. (We now time how long it takes “Ging” to appear when we shake a blanket – around 2 secs!)

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Ginger’s favourite spot

Sometimes, you just have to take a leaf out of your pet’s relaxation book. Go with it. Chill out. Less loose…

And then sometimes it’s just not such a pretty site 🙂

sleeping dad, sleeping kitten

How do you relax with or like your pet?

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