Talking Pets (Rescue Special) 24th Nov 2016

TIme for Talking Pets to honour the rescue pet, those that have no home but have a lot of love to give. And to honour those owners who have adopted a pet, from a shelter, pound, the neighbourhood stray.


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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Your stories about pets
We heard from lots of you about how your pet came to live with you. It is beautiful to hear of how so many listeners adopt their pets and some are even fostering pets until they find their homes. Good on you! You can share your story in the comments below too if you like, or promote your rescue organisation.
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The Adventures of Tzar the Paddington Poodle
What do you do when you own two gorgeous Paddington Poodles? Well you write books on their adventures. Finance expert, turned author, Catherine Toth-Lacey speaks to us about her book series and the latest installment: Goanne Encounter. All the books feature Australian wildlife and Catherine has set up ‘We Care’ which promotes the ethical treatment of domestic animals and Australia’s endangered wildlife. Purchase these books for the children in your life or read them yourself!
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Delta’s Therapy Dogs
We all know that pets are good for us but your pet could also be good for other people. Delta Society Australia organises therapy visits for dogs and their owners into ages care facilities, hospitals, schools and work places. We chat to Hollee Curran, General Manager of Delta Society about the work that therapy dogs do and also their upcoming conference featuring canine scientist Dr Alexandra Horowtz.
Delta Dogs

Delta Therapy Dog on Talking Pets

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