Talking Pets 9th March 2017

Talking Pets with Dr Jo & Suzy… chatting about the best and worst of pets, kids and pets go together, keeping birds, pet sitting and pawsome pets! Enjoy 🙂

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This week’s Talking Pets show included:

Pets help kids
Did you grow up with a pet? If you did, that pet probably helped your confidence, self-esteem and much more. Latest research, featuring programs such as Story Dogs, has proven that pets are good for our children and we spoke with animal behaviourist Dr Kate Mornement about the benefits…
Pets and Kids podcast

Living with a pet bird
Birds can make wonderful pets but which bird is best to keep – a budgie, cockatiel or even a cockatoo? Dr Jo and Suzy chat to Dr Sandra from Summer Hill Village Vets about the basics of bird care and the wonderful thing about living with pet birds.
Pet Bird podcast


Pet of the Week
When will Mr Black be loved?
Mr Black is an 8 year old handsome and charming man who needs a place to call home. He’s had a rough trot of late so is hoping to find a nice quiet place to relax and live out his years. He has a sweet nature and enjoys a good pat. Visit him at Lort Smith Adoption Centre in North Melbourne.
More info here

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House sitting with pets
As a pet owner, it is often difficult to leave your pets behind when you travel. For many owners, a pet sitting is a great option, as your home is cared for at the same time as your pets. For people who don’t own a home or pets themselves, house sitting can be a valuable, rent-free activity. We found out more from Mind a Home’s Sue Coombes…
Mind a Home podcast


The Pawsome
What is more pawsome than looking at photos of dogs? I guess, being a photographer and taking pics! This is what Pan Jittibophit does and loves it. So do his Instagram followers. We chatted to this canine story teller about the dogs he meets…
The Pawsome podcast

Topic links from this week’s Show
Cat ownership and mental health problems
Behaviour problems of pedigree vs mixed-breed dogs
Is pet hair the worst thing about pets?
The worst thing about pets

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